Long Tail Keywords: The Key to Increasing Your Website Traffic

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Have you ever heard of long tail keywords? Just because you already have a website doesn't mean all the work is done. There are activities that require you to optimize for search engines or what is commonly called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The goal is to get a high ranking in search results. One of the efforts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is choosing the right keywords such as long tail keywords.

Please note that keywords have an important role so that you know the target of the website's existence. This is also what then makes a website or blog able to get a high position in search engines by competing with other websites.

Then why do you need long tail keywords? Are short keywords not suitable for search engine optimization and increasing traffic? Let's find out together the answer through this article!

What is Long Tail Keyword with Example?

What is Long Tail Keyword with Example

Long tail keywords are search queries that are very specific and usually have low volume. Even though they are small in volume, long tail keywords are useful for SEO because they have the potential to get high rankings in search engine results.

In order to determine which keywords are suitable and potential, then you can start to find out the meaning of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are specific keywords or keywords that have a small volume. As a result the competition in getting rankings is also lower.

Long tail keywords can even consist of only 2 words. The most important thing is that these keywords are specific and have a low level of competition. Even though the volume is low but it can hit the target.

How could that be? Because these keywords are really specific, they can target specific keywords. That is why the possibility of being in the top Google search results is also greater.

a. Example of Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords: The Key to Increasing Your Website Traffic

Still confused? Let's try to find examples of long tail keywords so you have a better idea. If “laptop price” still sounds like a generic keyword, then you can go with “best laptop prices 2023”.

Let's try to use the word cake as an illustration. When you search for products or information on Google just by typing the keyword "Digital Marketing", there will be so many results displayed while you are looking for information about birthday cakes.

Instead, it would be better for you to use the keyword "birthday cake" so that the results displayed are also more specific.

Why is Long-tail Important?

Using this type of keyword is very important when you write content. For example, the keyword “Nike men's shoes” is easier to find than just “men's shoes.”

Even if you want to be more specific, you can also target “Nike Air Max Men's Shoes”. Besides being more likely to appear on the homepage, long tail keywords also bring better conversion results than regular keywords.

SEO expert Neil Patel mentions that if your website also sells products or services, more detailed keyword phrases can increase conversion rates by up to 250%. If you are developing a content marketing strategy to attract traffic from Google consumers, then you should focus on creating content with long-tail keywords.

What is the Difference between a Long Tail Keyword and a Short Tail Keyword?

What is the Difference between a Long Tail Keyword and a Short Tail Keyword

If you still have a lot of questions on your mind or are still confused about distinguishing long tail vs short tail keywords, you can see some of the differences between the two. To see the difference you can pay attention to competition, search volume, and qualifications. 

When compared to short tail keywords, the search volume for long tail keywords is certainly less or lower. However, the competition is narrower due to the use of more specific keywords. If you want to target more specific keywords, of course long tail keywords are the right choice.

How many Characters is a Long-tail Keyword?

What is the difference between using long tail keywords from short tail keywords? To make it easier to choose the right keywords according to your needs, get to know some of the characteristics of the long tail keywords themselves.

Now you know the benefits of long tail keywords, both for websites and even product sales. Then below there are several characteristics of long tail keywords, as follows.

a. Consists of 3-5 words

The first characteristic is that it consists of 3-5 words. From these several words, a long tail keyword is formed which discusses a specific topic. Apart from that, some of these words often contain short tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are usually longer and more specific than general keywords. Long tail keywords often consist of three or more words so that the search intent is more precise. For example, "best DSLR camera" is a long tail keyword totaling 6 words.

b. Low search volume

Long keywords are certainly more specific and besides, not many people search for them online. That's why it's less popular so search volume is low.

Long tail keywords generally have a lower search volume compared to shorter keywords. Even though fewer people search for these phrases, those who do often already have a clear idea of what they want.

Therefore, businesses that use this type of keyword can increase the potential for getting quality traffic.

c. Low competition

Usually the lower the keyword popularity, the lower the competition. However, not all long tail keywords are like that, sometimes many companies compete to get top rankings for long keywords. 

Long tail keywords discuss a particular niche or topic in more detail by providing context. This can help search engines understand user intent so they can display more accurate results. For example, “how to train a Corgi puppy” is more specific than simply “dog training,” and that long tail keyword will direct users to more relevant pages.

d. High conversion rate

Because the keywords are specific, the search results also really answer the user's questions. This means that Google provides search results to users that contain the long tail keyword. That's why the conversion rate is high.

How do you Find Long Tailed Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords: The Key to Increasing Your Website Traffic

It's true that keywords help increase website traffic. However, searching or researching keywords should not be done carelessly. When looking for long tail keywords, use several tools so you can analyze competition, number of searches, and keyword choices.

1. Ubersuggests

Neil Patel is known as an SEO or Search Engine Optimization expert in the world. He developed ubersuggest which can help find the Latent Symantec Index (LSI) easily. Of course, this is very useful for getting the long tail keywords you need.

Although available in the free version, the features provided are limited. So, it would be better to enjoy a premium package so that you are more free to use this one tool.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Have you ever used this tool before? Google Keyword Planner is provided by Google to advertisers. However, you can also use it to find keywords with low competition. The data provided is very accurate and you can get keyword recommendations. This one tool can be used free of charge without having to become a Google Ads advertiser.

After having login access, search for the keywords that you are targeting. Type in the main keyword or keywords and select keywords that have 3 to 5 words from the search results that are displayed.

3. Google Autocomplete feature

Is this one feature so foreign to the ear? Even if you are not an expert in search engine optimization, there are no restrictions on using the various features provided by Google. One of them is the Google Autocomplete feature. This feature makes it easy for users to find keywords.

Because how to use it is very easy, you don't need special skills. Type the main keyword in the search field and then follow it with the addition of letters or words to get search suggestions.

4. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

Still need another way to find long tail keywords? Another tool to try is the wordstream free keyword tools. In addition to the results that are displayed, not a few, search volume can also be known and the level of competition for each.

What are the Benefits of Longtail Keywords?

What are the Benefits of Longtail Keywords

The use of long tail keywords is not solely based on trends or just following along. You certainly have a purpose in its use, right? In general, there are several goals and benefits of long tail keywords, such as:

1. Higher Conversions

When Internet users write longer keywords, your website traffic can also increase with more visitors. Some people may prefer to use general keywords but others prefer to search using specific, longer keywords.

2. Optimizing Website and Blog Strategies

Creating a blog is one of the easiest ways to get rankings for websites. Long tail keywords can help you by providing insight into what your target audience is frequently searching for. Then, you can create valuable content that can also meet the needs of your audience.

3. Helps Personalize Content

Long-tail keywords can be used to create a variety of content that supports the various categories and services that you offer. As a result, it is possible to reach targets with the content strategy used can be higher.

4. Optimizing the Use of Short-tail Keywords

When using long-tail keywords, you also include short-tail keywords that you also want to optimize to get the highest positions in Google search results. Thus, you can achieve two goals at once more easily.


Using long tail keywords on your website might be one of the best solutions to increase traffic. Even though the numbers are small, the competition for these keywords is small, and they serve a more specific purpose.

Therefore, you can compete with fewer websites in Google search results compared to using popular short-tail keywords. This way, you can get top rankings faster and attract organic Google traffic.

So, still unsure about using long tail keywords? Like short tail keywords, long tail keywords also have an important role in your efforts to optimize your website so that it can be easily found in the top search results. Long tail keywords are specific keywords with low search volume.

So, that was a discussion about long tail keywords. Hopefully this article is useful for increasing the number of visits to the website.

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