8 Reasons Your Website Isn't Showing Up On Google

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For a blogger or article creator, you may have experienced a situation where the article you created did not appear on Google or had previously appeared but suddenly wasn't in Google search results. This can be said to be very detrimental because you will lose the existing traffic from the article or you are just wasting your time creating articles that are not indexed on Google.

Please note that the most popular search engine in the world today is Google at 98% and 2% for other Search Engines such as Bing. Therefore, if the article you make doesn't appear on Google's SERP, then you are missing the opportunity to get big traffic.

To check whether your article appears in Google search results or not, you can add site: in front of the URL of the article. For example site: https://www.erzedka.co.id/server/vps-linux-ssd.

Now to find out what causes articles not to appear on Google, you can see the discussion below. We will discuss some of the causes of articles not appearing in Google search results or Google's deindex and how to take steps to overcome them.

What does it Mean to Deindex?

What does it Mean to Deindex

Google's deindex is a condition where the article or page that you created is not indexed by Google and causes the article to not appear on Google's SERP. Apart from that, this can also be called Google Deindex if articles that have appeared in the SERP but suddenly disappear at a later date.

If this is left continuously without knowing the source of the problem, then slowly your website will lose quite a lot of traffic and can be detrimental to the development of your business.

Articles not appearing in Google search results can actually be caused by several things. The main cause, of course, might be that your website or article violates Google's rules, for example copying and pasting other website content. Therefore, please see the full details below, the reasons for the article not appearing on Google.

Why is Google Deindexing my Page?

Check out some of the points that cause articles not to appear in Google search results that you need to pay attention to and avoid. We will also explain the steps on how to deal with this and how to prevent it.

1. Incorrect Visibility Configuration

It should be noted that in WordPress, there is a configuration that regulates the appearance of websites in search engines. You can set your website whether it can be crawled by search engines or not. If not, the website will not appear on Google's SERP.

This configuration is usually used with the intention that the website does not appear first in search results when the website is being built or repaired.

The possible reason why the article doesn't appear on Google could be because the configuration is turned on which prevents Google from crawling the website.

How to overcome:

For those of you who use WordPress, you can first enter the WordPress dashboard page. After that open Settings – Reading. On that page in the "Search Engine Visibility" section, make sure there is no check mark.

2. Copy Paste Content

Please note that there are 2 types of copy and paste content, the first is copy and paste content from your own website and the second is copy and paste content from other people's websites.

For the first one, you create article content on the website with content that has been made before or is the same. This condition is usually found when you update article content using a new URL. Google doesn't allow using 2 different URLs for the exact same content.

For the second type, copy and paste all article content from other people's websites and then publish it on your own website. This is strictly not allowed and Google forbids it. Google can find out, detect and distinguish which articles are written by themselves and which article content is obtained from copying and pasting content from other people's websites.

How to overcome:

There are 2 solutions or ways to solve this problem.

a. Redirects

Redirect is a transfer of access from an old domain to a new domain. Redirect has 2 types, namely the first Redirect 301 and the second Redirect 302.

Redirect 301 is to permanently redirect the old URL to the new URL. A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect of the old URL to the new URL. In this case, We recommend that you use a 301 Redirect.

If you don't know how to redirect, don't worry. You can install the RankMath or Redirection plugin if you are a WordPress user.

b. Create Your Own Content

To avoid duplicate content problems like this which result in your articles not appearing on Google, the only way is to create your own content without copy paste. Try to create original content that is unique, interesting and useful.

Copying and pasting article content from other websites is something you must avoid when creating your website or blog. If you keep doing this, Google will find out and the article will not appear on Google. In addition, your website also has the potential to find it difficult to occupy the best position on the Google search engine.

3. Keyword Stuffing

8 Causes of Website Articles Not Appearing on Google

Maybe before that you didn't know what keyword stuffing was. Keyword stuffing is an SEO technique that can no longer be used today. Why? Because the way it works is against Google's terms. You only write article content with a word count of 400 to 500 words and then you enter keywords excessively or abnormally in the hope of getting ranking on the first page for those keyword searches.

An article that includes an excessive number of keywords and does not vary can cause rankings to drop to the lowest position or most likely the article may not appear on the Google search engine or deindex.

How to overcome:

To avoid problems due to keyword stuffing, try using several variations of the keyword. We give an example of the main keyword is "301 Redirect Guide", so with these main keywords you can use other keywords that are still related, for example "How to Redirect 301" or "Easy Steps to Redirect 301" and others. Make the keywords varied so that the article looks normal.

4. Cloaking technique

What is cloaking? The definition of cloaking itself is cloaking or making Google users enter a website that is different from the website that was previously clicked on the SERP or search results. You may have experienced this, for example, when you want to go to a travel website from Google, but it turns out you don't go to the travel website and instead go to a gambling site.

This often happens due to hacker attacks. Hackers do this with one goal of directing visitors to the site the hacker wants.

How to overcome :

You can overcome this by scanning your website using Google Search Console tools. You can find out which pages are problematic on the website and then you can start trying to fix them. If you are a WordPress user, you can also use plugins like WordFence or SecuPress.

5. Unnatural Links

Link Building is an SEO technique that is currently still used to increase the reputation of a website. If you get a lot of backlinks from credible websites, it is very likely that when you create an article, it will be easier for the article to be on the first page of search results.

However, if you find that you build link building with a website that is of poor quality, this can be detrimental. Your website may not appear on the Google search engine.

How to overcome:

You can try to check using Google Search Console tools which websites have provided backlinks. You find which websites are indicated to have poor quality or are unclear. If you have found some, immediately do disavow.

The types of websites that you need to avoid are Link Directories, Private Blog Networks (PBN) and Link Farming Websites.

6. Domain is no longer active

If your website domain is no longer active, the domain will automatically be deleted and the impact on your website will also disappear because you don't have an address to access it.

How to fix it:

Use the calendar on your smartphone and note when the domain must be renewed. Hosting and domain providers usually always provide notifications via email to their customers when you last had to extend the active period of the domain.

7. Website Server Down

This is pretty important stuff and you can't control this stuff. If the server for your website is down long enough, this can result in the website being lost from the SERP.

How to overcome:

This is indeed something you cannot control, but you can reduce this risk by using a hosting provider that is experienced and has the best uptime.

8. Google Update Algorithm

Currently, Google always updates its algorithm or system for the convenience of Google users. If previously your article or website was fine, then after an update from Google it's possible that your website may suddenly disappear or be deindexed.

How to overcome:

Our advice, use reasonable ways to increase traffic and always comply with Google's provisions. You can read articles out there about how to update the latest Google algorithm. If you already know, then you can try changing or updating your article to comply with these provisions.

9. Website Affected by Malware

One of the reasons why articles don't appear on Google could be because there is malware on the website. An example is hackers deliberately spreading malicious software. Because of this, Google has the potential to make your website not included in the SERP or deindex with the aim of user security, because your website has indications of malware.

How to overcome:

You can use Google Search Console tools to see which pages are indicated to have malware. If you have found a problem, you can fix it. Our advice is to make sure your website is always protected by SSL.


Google deindex is a process where Google removes the index of website pages in its search results (SERP). Google deindex can be a nightmare for website owners, but with a deep understanding of the causes and solutions, this problem can be overcome.

By ensuring your website complies with webmaster guidelines, paying attention to content quality, and addressing technical and security issues, you can restore your website's visibility and ranking in search engines.

Our advice is to make the best content possible and optimize it naturally. Apart from that, maintain the health of the site and the quality of the content so that your website is ranked number one on Google. That's our article about what Google Deindex is and the solution, hopefully it's useful.

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