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ClamAV For Windows is a completely free, open source antivirus software. The tool is equipped with a command interface to observe files closely, by updating virus definitions and a process for monitoring required on a faster performance system. 

ClamAV is a security tool that protects your PC against harmful viruses and takes up very little memory space. ClamAV includes a scanner that can detect more than 50,000 viruses, worms and trojans whose databases are automatically updated daily across the internet.

Unlike other antivirus products, ClamAV is completely free with program code that is easy to understand for those who want to use it.

SOSDG has taken the latest ClamAV version of the CVS program, reorganized and restructured it to compete with the currently stable Cygwin DLLs, which provide a complete UNIX/Linux compatibility layer for the Windows operating system.

  • Licence: GNU
  • Op system: Windows
  • Publisher: The Summit Open Source Develo

The Latest ClamAV 0.105.0 Free Download

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