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PCMAV is an antivirus made in Indonesia which is quite popular and has proven to be effective in eradicating various types of local viruses, worms and their variants. In addition to using its own antivirus engine, PCMAV 10 can also use the engine from ClamAV as a plug-in to strengthen the detection results of up to 800,000 viruses. 

The PCMAV engineer team has also convincingly succeeded in finding and developing the latest and most reliable antivirus technologies to solve and protect your system from computer viruses.

Some features of PCMAV Antivirus

a. Real-time Protection

Advanced features that can prevent malware from being active in memory. Although without the need to do the scan process manually.

b. Block Programs on USB/Card

For those who don't want to be caught by active malware from a USB flash disk/card (such as in an office environment), use the feature to prevent malware that has not been recognized.

c. AntiKeylogger

A feature that can intercept real-time recording of keyboard keystrokes performed by most keylogger programs that are widely circulated today.

d. Link Protector

A feature that can provide user protection when surfing the internet. Able to prevent malicious websites that have the potential to spread malware to phishing actions.

e. Automatic Update

To update the database file by clicking the Update button on the menu.

ZIP PASSWORD : download.id

Download The Latest PCMAV Free Download

  • License                                : Freeware 
  • Developer                            : PCMEDIA Antivirus 
  • Operating System                : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
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