How to Turn on the Printer and Connect it to the Computer

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Hello friends,, on this occasion we will discuss one of the requests from visitors who made private messages on our facebook, "he just became an office employee and he told me that he was confused about how to operate the printer and confused about the initial stage of connecting the printer if It's the first time I've used this printer.”

So, here, we share general steps that you can use as a reference when you want to turn on a printer or printer.

The printer or printer itself today is a vital tool that is needed enough to be able to produce an output from digital media (computers, laptops, smartphones) to the output media, the printer itself is an additional hardware device that has been very helpful since ancient times to produce data in the form of printed text or images on paper, cloth, and so on, Then how to turn it on and connect the printer, here is the review article

How to Turn On and Connect the printer

How to Turn on the Printer and Connect a General/Beginner Printer

A printer of course you already know is an electronic device so of course it requires electricity to turn it on, here it is very necessary to know (the parts of the printer that you need to know) if this electricity is flowed through the power / electricity cable and the average power cable is this black with a larger end shape with a connector hole (2 – 3 holes).

Look for the hole where you plug the power cable that you got when you bought the printer, usually this hole is on the back side of the printer (right or left) and also make sure the shape of the end of the cable is exactly the same.

printer power cable
Image; Printer Power Cable

Now if when the power cable is plugged in its position, aka connected, you can already turn on the printer by pressing the on button, usually there is a light symbol (as shown below) and if you press it once, the printer will usually turn on and then the power light flashes until the printer preparation process is ready for use (usually the power/light stops flashing).

Power Button Printer
Image: Power Button Printer

How to Connect the printer so that it can be used fully

There is one more cable that needs to be connected if you want the printer that is currently on to connect to your computer, namely by connecting a data / USB-to-Print cable (as shown below) this cable usually has one side that is flat like like a plug on a flash drive and one side is square with a slightly bent top side and a hole in the middle.

As with the power cable, the position of the printer data cable hole is usually on the back side of the printer, so you need to find the location of the hole and match the shape of the hole so that you can plug in and connect the printer to the device you are using, then can you just run the printer? ? doesn't always work, here's an explanation of

printer data cable
Image: printer data cable

Up here if you are a computer user with a Windows 10 operating system, usually it will immediately detect a new connected device, but here the computer will perform the general printer driver installation process automatically (after the usb-to-print cable) is connected and even this requires internet access. , but soon you can use the printer to print.

Nb: print only, can't access all printer features

Then what if you connect the printer to a computer with a different series of Windows operating systems? on other windows series such as windows 8, windows 7, others.

Sometimes in this windows series they will also search and install drivers automatically (but this process doesn't always work) it's a good idea to download the printer driver first so you can run the printing process optimally. you can read here for an easy way to download drivers for all types of printers,

That's the information that erzedka can explain to answer visitors' questions about how to turn on the printer and connect it to a computer device, hopefully the explanation above can be useful and help those of you who are currently confused, Thank you.

Don't be shy to leave comments that might be the idea of ​​our discussion in the next article.

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