Creating Domain Alias: What is It and How Do You Use it?

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Previously, have you ever tried to register a domain name, but it wasn't available? This could happen because the domain name is already owned by another user. However, in reality, getting a domain name is indeed very difficult and cannot be obtained haphazardly. Moreover, a domain that is unique and according to your wishes.

However, now there is a feature to create website domain aliases via cPanel which can help you save the domain name that you registered. Even if you don't have a website to direct the domain name you created.

So, are you curious about the usefulness of the domain alias feature? Besides that, how do you use it? If you want to know more, let's see the explanation below until it's finished!

What is a domain alias?

So, before continuing to discuss what a domain alias is, do you know what is meant by the domain itself? It can be said that the domain is a unique name created for a website that replaces a series of complicated numbers, namely the IP address. The function of the domain itself is to take you to a website that you want to go to.

Creating a Website Domain Alias: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

So, what is a website domain alias? Domain aliases, also known as parked domains, are a feature of cPanel that can be used to add other domains to it. However, these domains cannot direct you to any website. In other words, you can direct it to a website that you already have by linking the domain alias.

Well, this one step is usually done with the aim of minimizing the occurrence of errors when typing the website address. So that later you can be directly directed to the correct page via the domain alias itself.

Interestingly, with this feature you can save and secure the desired domain name so that it is not used by other people. So you can easily use it in the future.

What is the difference between addon domain and aliases?

Of course, some of you may still be confused about the difference between an addon domain and a domain alias, right? So, please note that there are differences between the two domains that are often used by web developers.

So, what is the difference between the two? Isn't it the same as an additional domain that is used to bring visitors to website pages? Yep, but this addon domain is an additional domain that is in one hosting account. However, the addon domain will direct visitors to a different website page.

Meanwhile, a domain alias is an additional domain that is used to direct visitors to a website belonging to the main domain. So that if there is a typo in the website address, visitors will still be directed to the website in question.

It can be said that the domain alias does not or still does not have its own web page. Well, you can only direct it to a website page that you already have or created before.

It's different from the addon domain which already has its own web page. However, it's just that the resources from the domain are shared with the main domain. This is because the resources are in the same hosting account.

What are the benefits of a domain alias?

Of course there are many who use this feature because of the advantages it has. One of them is useful for saving the desired domain name so that it can be used at any time. So, here are some of the advantages of using a domain alias.

1. Secure Domains

With a domain alias you can buy the desired domain name even if you don't have content or a website yet. This one step can be done to prevent the domain name you want from being owned by other users.

The method is very easy to do, that is, just park the domain that you have purchased with this feature. Later, your domain name will not be available to other users who wish to use the same domain name.

2. Pointing Towards Main Domain

If you already have a website, this feature can be used to redirect the domain that you have added to your main website. In this way, you can avoid Cybersquatting, you know!

Well, Cybersquatting is a crime in the internet world that is carried out by registering a domain name that already belongs to another website. This action is of course to gain the advantage of the other party for yourself.

3. Save the Domain Before Expired

Interestingly, if your website is no longer active and not being used, you can park your website's domain name, you know! The goal is to prevent other parties from using your domain name until its active period expires.

How to Use Domain Aliases

There are several steps or ways to use a domain alias. So, for more details, let's look at the following description:

  1. The first step, enter your cPanel page via the https://domainname/cpanel link, then do the Log in process.
  2. Next, you will enter the cPanel of the hosting, then look for the Aliases menu.
  3. On this Aliases page you can add a new domain name or a second domain name according to the main domain name. After that, in the “Create a New Alias” menu, write the second domain name you want to add.
  4. Wait a moment for the system to finish processing the second domain name. After that, you have successfully created a domain alias.
  5. Not only can you add domain names, you can also park other domain names from the domains that have been created. Here, you can manage and delete the domain names you have added.
  6. In the Remove Aliases menu, choose a domain name, then click "Manage Redirection Manage Aliases" on the page.
  7. Then, on the Manage Redirection page you can redirect your second domain name to another domain name. After that, click Save.
  8. Here, you can also disable the Redirection feature by selecting the "Disable Redirection" menu. Wait a moment until the process is complete.
  9. If you test by loading a second domain, the content will be exactly the same as on your first or main domain.
  10. Of course, you can also delete the domain alias by selecting the Remove menu in the “Remove Aliases” domain name above. Select Remove Alias to remove your second domain name.


It can be said that a domain alias or parked domain is a feature that can make it easier for you to provide another domain name. Apart from that, you can also have two domain names at once or more according to the main domain.

So, you want to create a website domain alias? Of course, you can make it at a web hosting service that provides it so that the manufacturing process is easier. Thanks for visit our page erzedka..!!

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