Top 10 Best AI Image Generator Tools to Use

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The presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology makes all activities easier, including artistic work. Currently there are AI applications available that function as image generators.

Reporting from the New York University website, AI technology is able to analyze large amounts of data and produce unique concepts that may be the inspiration for an artist's masterpiece. This capability offers diverse art concepts that encourage artists' creativity.

Which is the best image generator AI?

Apart from artists, the use of AI technology also helps business people produce high-quality visuals efficiently at low costs. You can get these benefits by using the best AI image making application. Here Erzedka recommends the best AI image making applications that you can try:

1. Canva

Canva is an AI application that helps visualize ideas or objects into futuristic images. Canva's AI technology is able to translate text into attractive images for Instagram, Facebook and other needs.

For example, you could enter the text command: “A panda rides a bicycle through the city.” In seconds, Canva's AI will create the image you want. After that, you can make edits as needed.

Canva's AI image generator can be accessed for free for up to 50 images. But if you want to use more than that, then subscription plans are available starting at $10 per month or $119.99 per year.

The superior features that Canva offers are

  • Generate images from text
  • Magic Edit
  • Magic Eraser
  • Enhance your images
  • Add Text to Photo
  • Photo effects & filters

2. Nightcafe

The next image-making AI application is Nightcafe which is specifically designed for art lovers to businesses who want to perfect their brand. NightCafe provides a platform to create works of art tailored to one's aesthetic preferences.

On the other hand, Businesses can use NightCafe to create custom artwork for authentic marketing campaigns. Nigthcare has a community that displays various works of art from AI to serve as inspiration for your marketing campaigns.

Basically, NightCafe can be accessed for free. However, there are also subscription plans available starting from $5.99/month or $4.79/month (per quarter).

The features that NightCafe offers include the following:

  • Text-to-Image conversion
  • Multiple AI-Art modes
  • Diverse AI algorithms:
  • Print-on-Demand capability

3. Picsart

Picsart offers AI art generator technology that can convert text commands into beautiful images that can be downloaded in JPG, PNG and PDF formats. You can edit images with various background options to make them look more aesthetic for Instagram feeds and other social media posts.

Apart from that, Picsart's AI technology can also turn images into paintings, illustrations, cartoons, dolls and statues. What's great is that all of Picsart's capabilities can be done via your smartphone.

Picsart subscription prices start at $13 per month. The features that Picsart has are:

  • Photo EditingAvatar Generator
  • Image Generator
  • Writing Assistant
  • Video Generator
  • Sketch AI

4. Midjourney

Midjourney is the next AI application to make images look more real with a better mix of textures and colors. With this AI application, images of people or other objects look more lively and natural than those produced by other AI art generators.

Even Midjourney's drawings have been recognized for their beauty by winning art competitions. Unfortunately at this time, the free trial that Midhourney offers is currently suspended due to too many people trying to use it.

But if you still want to use it, you can pay for a basic package starting from $10 per month to produce 200 images.

The features that Midjourney has are as follows:

  • Upscale images
  • Image import option
  • Generate four image variations
  • Generate images from text
  • Quick output
  • Produces incredibly detailed photos

5. AI Form

Rupa AI has artificial intelligence technology that can change profile photos to look more professional. With Rupa AI, you only need to upload an ordinary selfie photo and it will be transformed into various poses and hairstyles that highlight your natural beauty.

Rupa AI provides more than 120 templates to choose from for your professional photos. In less than an hour, you'll have a profile photo that exudes confidence, creativity, and style.

To have professional photos from Rupa AI, you can pay fees starting from $9.99

The features that Rupa AI offers are as follows:

  • Transform tools
  • Remove objects
  • Enhancement Tools
  • Effects and Filters
  • Social Media Integration
  • Built-in Templates
  • Cloud Storage

6. Crayon

Another AI image generator application is Craiyon. This AI application can produce images from text commands in seconds. Craiyon is very accurate in visualizing images the way you imagine them.

With these capabilities, Craiyon is very popular with professionals working in the fields of marketing, graphic design, fine arts practitioners and novice creators who want to bring narratives to life. This means that Craiyon is relatively easy to use or user friendly.

Craiyon is free to use. However, to download the created images, it is necessary to pay from $5 per month paid once a year.

The features that Craiyon offers are:

  • AI-Powered Image Generation
  • Prompt Ideas
  • High-Quality Outputs
  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Fast Results
  • Private Servers

7. Wombo Dream

Wombo Dream is an AI art generator for creating aesthetic graphic images. You can enter text commands in various languages, then Wombo Dream will automatically generate the relevant images.

With these capabilities, Wombo Dream is very suitable for use by artists and illustrators. They can create unique and charming works of art easily.

Wombo Dream can be used for free. But for a more immersive experience, Wombo Dream offers subscription plans starting at $10 per month.

The superior features that Wombo Dream offers are

  • Mobile devices friendly
  • Recreates NFTs to enhance creativity
  • Enables artwork to sell as NFTs
  • High resolution pictures
  • Built-in community for fellow AI artists users

8. DeepAI

DeepAI also offers AI image makers for various art style needs. This AI application allows you to look for inspiration, thereby increasing creativity in your work. DeepAI combines professionalism with a casual touch.

DeepAI has been widely used by artists and designers. This is thanks to its ability to create vector images that do not depend on resolution. Marketers and content creators also use Deep AI to produce high-quality visuals.

At the start of using DeepAI, you will not be charged a fee (Free). After that, you'll need a subscription fee starting at $4.99/month for 500 image creations

The features that DeepAI offers are as follows:

  • Generate & Edit Images
  • Text generation
  • AI Characters
  • Colorize Photos
  • Content moderation

9. AI Hotpot

Just like other AI image generators, Hotpot AI makes it easy for you to create various image styles via text commands. This makes it easier for you to visualize all the ideas you have into realistic images.

Hotpot AI also offers a number of features that help edit images to your liking. Even with Hotpot, you can repair damaged images and turn ordinary photos into AI versions.

Some of the features that Hotpot offers are:

  • AI headshots
  • Upscale photos and art
  • Remove the background
  • Outsource writing tasks
  • Colorize old photos
  • Personalize art with AI

10. DALL E 2

The latest AI image maker is DALL E 2 which is a continuation of the previous version. OpenAI's AI application is capable of creating and changing images from text commands. In addition, DALL E 2 can enlarge images beyond their original dimensions without damaging image quality.

Dall E 2 is very suitable for use by artists and designers to produce more realistic and creative work.

Meanwhile, to use Dall E 2, you don't need to pay any money. Because, in the first month of use you will get 50 images for free, and in the following months you will get 15 images for free.

If you use more than the quota given, you will be charged according to the image resolution. Following are the price conditions:

  • For 1024×1024 resolution, the cost is $0.020 per image.
  • For 512×512 resolution, the cost is $0.018 per image.
  • For 256×256 resolution, the cost is $0.016 per image.

The features that DALL E 2 has are:

  • Generates copyright-free images
  • Edit options
  • Quick output
  • Merges concepts, attributes, and styles
  • Outpainting
  • Inpainting


That's the AI image-making application that you can try to increase your creativity. How to use it is also quite simple, you just enter a text command and the AI will display a relevant aesthetic image.

But did you know that not only images, the use of AI can also help you serve customers. The integration of AI with natural language processing helps understand customer questions or complaints.

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