What are LSI Keywords? How to Find & Use Them to Booster Your SEO

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LSI keywords are terms that are closely related to SEO, because they have an important role in helping the writing on a website to increase in ranking in search engines. Not only that, the writing you write has the potential to be more targeted, so that many audiences will faithfully read the written content until the end and provide good feedback.

Unfortunately, the way LSI keywords work is more complicated, because the method requires complex mathematical formulas to understand the relationship between words. Apart from finding out how it works, looking for LSI keywords also needs to be paid attention to. When you find the right LSI keywords, the published written content has the potential to rank high in search engines.

Talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cannot be separated from keywords. But, have you ever heard of LSI Keywords? If not, then this article is very worthy to be read as learning material for us together.

What are LSI Keywords?

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are search queries that are related to the main keywords you are targeting. In more detail, LSI keywords are words or sentences that are considered semantically relevant by search engines

For example, when you type the keyword keyboard into a search engine, it is likely that the search results that come up will be about computer keyboards and musical instrument keyboards. This is because the keyboards have similar meanings, so Google gives quite ambiguous results. To avoid this condition, other LSI keywords are needed, such as 'computer', 'device', and others.

Therefore, LSI keywords have an important role for SEO, so it is recommended that writers write articles with keywords that are specific and appropriate to the content of the article when these keywords are searched for.

These keywords become a bridge for users and search engines to understand the content more deeply. According to Backlink.io, this technology was introduced in 1989 as a methodology for retrieving text-based data objects, so that determining a topic is better because it uses related words and sentences.

What are the benefits of using LSI keywords?

Actually, the benefits of LSI keywords for SEO are something that is still a mystery, some even say that this is just a myth. However, in fact, LSI keywords were implemented by Google in one of its algorithm updates in 2004, where the search engine already understood synonyms and semantic phrases.

There are several benefits of LSI keywords that you need to know, as quoted from Neil Patel's page, including:

  • Improves content quality because it uses many terms related to keywords
  • Written content is still considered relevant without using excessive keywords
  • Make content easier to find by internet users
  • Avoid penalties from Google for using keywords too often
  • Search engines can provide higher ranking opportunities, because there are many terms that can increase the site's ranking

There are a very large number of queries searched by users on search engines (Google), hundreds to thousands of which have never been searched by users.

Therefore, LSI Keywords are here to help Google display quality search results even though the query has never been searched for before. The following are a number of benefits from LSI Keywords:

1. LSI Keywords Can Increase Content Relevance

Using LSI keywords correctly can help improve the quality of your content and prevent your website from keyword spam or better known as keyword stuffing.

Google prohibits us from keyword stuffing, if it is violated, your website has the potential to get a penalty.

2. Increase the Number of Users Who Find Your Content

LSI Keywords can also help you provide a better search experience for users, which sooner or later has a positive impact on your website such as increased time spent on a page, increased bounce rate (rebound ratio) low, up to impressions on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

3. Potential to Get Higher Rankings on Search Engines

As mentioned previously, including LSI keywords naturally (not excessively) in your content helps search engines understand your web page.

The more Google understands your web page (it is relevant), the more likely the web page will get a better ranking.

How does LSI work?

As previously mentioned, the way LSI keywords work is quite complicated. This is because LSI keywords use quite complex mathematical formulas to understand the relationship between words. However, the way LSI keywords work can be simplified and understood with a process like this, namely:

So, search engines will look for similarities in the words used. Then, the word will be identified using semantically connected words. After that, the search engine will group these words into different categories.

To group these words, LSI keywords are needed. That way, search engines can determine words that contain these two meanings. As previously mentioned, LSI keywords can group the term 'keyboard' into two parts, namely those in the computer context and those in the musical instrument context.

How to find LSI Keywords?

Even though you already know how LSI keywords work, it is also important for you to know how to search for these keywords. By knowing this, you can improve your written content so that it can appear on Google search pages. 

To get a number of benefits from LSI Keywords for your blog or website, you need to know how to find LSI Keywords. Here are ways you can find it:

1. Doesn't focus on synonyms

The first way to find LSI keywords is not to focus only on synonyms. For example, when searching for the keyword best beach in Jakarta, you don't have to replace it with the best sea in Jakarta. Rather than focusing on synonyms, you can create a list of more relevant terms, such as holidays in Jakarta, playing in the water in Jakarta, and others.

2. Google Autocomplete (Suggestions from Google)

The first way you can find LSI keywords is to use the Google Autocomplete feature, which is also known as Google suggestions.

To do this, you only need to type the main keyword into the Google search column and you will get various suggestions or predictions about what you might type next.

Look for suggested words in bold. Then choose words that are quite relevant to the content you are going to create.

3. Google Related Searches

The second way to find LSI Keywords is after you type the main keyword and press enter, please scroll to the bottom of the SERP to get a number of “Related Search” suggestions. Look and choose the terms listed that you feel are appropriate to enrich the content you will create.

4. People Also Ask

People Also Ask

The third way, and still using Google's free features, is to use the questions that appear in the "People also ask" box.

In People also ask, friends can find related terms/phrases that are quite often searched for by users on the Google search engine.

If you feel that the suggestions displayed by People also ask are not enough, you can click on one of the existing questions, then Google will automatically display more questions below it (see image above).

5. LSI Graph

LSI Graph is an LSI Keyword Generator that you can use to find a number of terms related to the main keyword.

The method is easy, just type in the main keyword you are targeting, then you will get a list of LSI Keywords.

6. Ubersuggest

Last but not least, friends can use Neil Patel's tool, namely Ubersuggest, to get LSI keywords. To do this, please open the Ubersuggest page, type the main keyword you are targeting in the search field, then select the country and language, then click Search. To see a list of related keyword suggestions, please scroll down to the “Keyword” section.


LSI keywords are Latent Semantic Indexing as words or sentences that are considered semantically relevant by search engines. To find out LSI keywords, you can use several features on Google, starting from 'related search results', 'people also ask', and so on.

There are several benefits felt from this LSI keyword, especially for SEO. Because, LSI keywords are believed to be able to improve the quality of content because they use many terms related to keywords. Indirectly, this has the potential to cause the content you write to be included in Google rankings.

That's the article about the meaning of LSI keywords, their benefits and how to find them. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below...!!

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