Link Juice: What it Is & How it Works for SEO?

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Before you implement a digital marketing strategy, you should first understand what link juice is. Basically, link juice is a link added to a website page. From this link, internet users can directly access your website more easily.

The concept is like back links, but it is better to use this strategy because it is universal. So link juice is spread more thoroughly so that links can be used on external or internal pages. This is different from back links which can only access external site links.

Simply put, this strategy is used to recommend your web page through other addresses. When other people see the shared link, your site will get incoming traffic. That's a brief explanation of what link juice is, because the concept is simple.

But for greater clarity, we will explain the function, how it works, benefits and examples in detail. That way, you can understand link juice better for digital marketing purposes. Make no mistake, this link distribution system can affect the quality of SEO.

What is Link Juice?

What is Link Juice?
What is Link Juice?

Link juice is the creation of a connecting path between websites and other websites using a link. The link will be taken from site A's domain, so site B can get inbound access. The entry point can be from anywhere, be it an internal or external website address.

By using site A's domain, site B can place a link to its personal page. When someone else accesses site B, they can open the internal link listed and connect to site A. From this simple simulation, do you understand what Link Juice is?

When applied to digital marketing, you can get more traffic this way. Consumers can open other pages that you create by simply accessing the link. The more internal links you embed, the more your web traffic will increase.

Link juice can affect your website's ranking in search engines. This is because your site has received approval from other sites to access the link. By understanding what Link Juice is, you can increase the popularity of your linked sites.

Links will affect the SEO value of your site, because they are linked together. Therefore, the effect of using these links is very efficient in digital marketing strategies. Link juice will give signals to search engines, so that both sites get equal value.

How Link Juice Works?

To explain how this “juice” of links works, we will explain it with the scenario below. Websites X and Y have the same domain authority. However, X got five links from other websites while Y only had three external links.

The logic of this principle is that X who gets more external links will get a higher ranking than Y. Another factor to consider here is the distribution of link juice. Websites that receive links exclusively have a greater chance of ranking higher than websites with links provided to more than one website.

Please note that the strength of the "juice" from other website links is influenced by several factors, such as:

  • Quality and relevant content to the website
  • High PageRank or TrustRank score
  • Pages that occupy the top position of the SERP
  • There is user-generated content
  • Popular among social media audiences

On the other hand, the strength of this website link will not be optimal, or even have a negative impact, if it does not come from a credible, quality and authoritative source.

Based on the definition of what link juice is, we can conclude how it works. In the simple simulation above, links will combine paths between one page and another. Through this route, the first site has the authority to access the second site. If applied to a digital marketing strategy, you can do the following:

1. Adjust to consumer needs

The main goal of digital marketing is to market products through digital platforms. One of them is through a blog page to convey marketing content. With websites and blog pages, you can position your products in search engines using internal links.

The method:
  • Web page A has content containing information about related products
  • Website B is used specifically to sell products online
  • With Link Juice, you can connect the two pages
  • Customer service is optimal because they can search for products easily
  • You can add web pages C, D, E and so on for more content

2. Inform Consumers

Apart from marketing, you can also convey information more efficiently using Link Juice. The method is quite easy, just connect one page to another page with a link. Keep in mind, internal links can be used for internal and external website pages.

The simulation:

  • Suppose you create website A which contains main information
  • In the content, include the Juice Link in it as a link
  • With links, consumers can search for information more easily using keywords
  • Websites B, C and so on can be known by a keyword
  • Digital marketing agency Jakarta always applies this method for successful SEO
  • Site traffic increases and consumers become familiar with your domain
  • The more information conveyed, the more traffic will come in

Why is link juice important?

After seeing an example of how it works, you can find out what the functions will be. By definition, link juice can provide access to other sites via a link.

The difference with back links is that links can be connected to external or internal sites. For its function, Link juice can be used as:

1. Increase traffic

Based on the definition of what Link Juice is, you should understand why links can increase traffic. Because the links are flexible whether internal or external, your domain will get more exposure when seen directly by internet users.

Increased traffic makes digital marketing more successful. Links can be further developed for external sites if you want to seek more exposure.

2. Increase Authority

The purpose of increasing authority is that your domain has been recommended by other sites. As a result the site has the right to convey the content contained in the related link. For example, you want to convey information about laws and police policies.

By embedding the official link from the Polresta site, you have authority. As a result, your site becomes more trusted and gets exposure because of its high authority.

3. Increase Visibility

Exposure or visibility is the main function of using this strategy. If you understand what link juice is, you can definitely optimize how it works. In essence, this strategy makes it easy for site users to access other addresses via existing links.

The link can be connected to various sites at once, so that visibility is high. In today's digital era, the way SEO works must be optimized so that marketing strategies are successful.

4. Increasing the Degree of the Site

Make no mistake, sites also have their own degrees when viewed from search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a site for search engines. The main goal is to make your website pages appear on the first page of searches.

With link juice, the site will have a high level because it was introduced by other sites. As long as the link comes from a well-known site, it is guaranteed that the related page will also have the effect.

How do you increase link juice?

In order for your website to get more "power", you need to take several steps in the strategy to get more quality links below:

1. Internal Linking

Apart from external websites, you also need to consider the power that can be gained from internal linking. Internal linking is a source of link juice that has the potential to increase the value of a website.

To do internal linking, you need to do keyword research first. Make sure the keywords used cover the general topic of discussion. For example, a page with the keyword "content optimization" can be linked to related discussions such as keyword density, use of meta titles and meta descriptions, and so on.

Once you've created that content, you can link it to high-priority pages with the products and services your business offers.

2. Hreflang

To maximize reach potential, you need to use hreflang tags in content with local and international intent. These tags work to direct search engines to different versions of each page based on the user's language and location.

To make it easier, you can add hreflang tags to the XML Sitemap by providing a single file to help search engines detect all pages and their translated versions in various languages.

3. Quality Content

The "juice" from the links coming to the website will be stronger if the content itself is of high quality. What this means is that the content must be able to answer questions from users. Apart from information that is relevant to the search query, the content presented also needs to be optimized with targeted keywords.

Not only creating new content, you also need to use old pages optimally. The way to do this is by updating information and adding visual elements that help clarify the context of the article.

Concept of Applying Link Juice for SEO

SEO Agency uses tied links to make its clients' sites more famous. The concept is that there are sites A, B and C which have their own content. Sites A and B have good SEO quality, so they always appear on the first page in search engines.

When site C wants to improve its SEO quality, you can link it to site A or B. Using this strategy, site C's authority standards will increase according to both. This is because site C has an access point that connects sites A and B.

Because it is connected to a better site, site C will also feel the impact directly. This is how the internal links implemented by the Jakarta digital marketing agency work for SEO optimization. Websites are helped when they are connected to links with higher authority.

If you want to successfully design a digital marketing strategy, understand every element needed. Master the knowledge, know what Link juice is and apply it directly so you know what the effects will be.


Link juice, also known as link equality, is one of the determining factors for a page or site to be on page one of the SERPs.

Link juice can simply be interpreted as a Google ranking factor that describes the authority passed from one site to another. Link juice is measured from various factors ranging from relevance, page authority of the linked domain, and other factors. Link juice can “spread” authority in two ways...

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