Get to Know What Windows 10 is and its Development

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Get to Know What Windows 10 is and its Development

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Introduced on September 30, 2014,[5] released on July 29, 2015 and in November 2015, Threshold 2 of Windows 10 (v10.0.1586) was released to the public.

First introduced in April 2014 at the Build Conference, Windows 10 aims to address deficiencies in the user interface first introduced by Windows 8 by adding additional mechanics designed to improve the user experience for non-touchscreen devices (such as desk computers and laptops), including a revival of the Start menu seen in Windows 7, a virtual desktop system, and the ability to run Windows Store applications in a window on the desktop rather than full-screen mode.

The virtual desktop system, as well as the ability to run Windows store applications in a window on the desktop from full screen mode, is another goal to overcome the previous shortcomings in the interface that was previously introduced in Windows 8.

The Windows 10 user interface is designed to optimize usage by device type. For non-touch devices, a variation of the previous start menu is used as the display part of the desktop which displays both the traditional list of applications and a search box on the left side according to the Windows 8 live floor on the right.

Windows 10 uses the latest version of DirectX, namely DirectX 12 which was introduced earlier this year at the GDC event, DirectX 12 aims to provide “console-level efficiency” with “near metal” access to hardware resources, reducing CPU and boosting graphics overhead. .

In Windows 10 this time there are 4 main editions, namely:

1. Windows 10 home
Windows is designed to be used on PCs, laptops, and tablets. In Windows 10 home, users cannot turn off the windows update feature and this version is the basic version of windows 8, 8.1, windows 7 home basic and home premium.

2. Windows 10 pro

On windows 10 pro, this edition builds on windows home edition by adding important features for business

3. Windows 10 Enterprise

On Windows 10 Enterprise, this edition is Windows Pro plus additional features to help IT-based organizations and will provide functionality equivalent to Windows 8.1.

4. Windows 10 education

In windows 10 education, all the features in windows 10 Enterprise are in this windows and this windows is designed to be used by schools, colleges, and universities.

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