How to install DCP T220 Printer for the First Time (Complete Guide)

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How to install DCP T220 Printer for the First Time (Complete Guide)
Installing/installing the first Brother Inktank printer – How to install the DCP T220 Printer for the First Time. If you have just bought a new printer then doing the first settings is very important to know.
Printers that are new or have just been purchased will require several setups before they can be used thoroughly. You need to know that this Brother DCP T220 is a color ink printer that uses a tank and its hose. So of course the first time you take it out of the box, you can't turn it on right away. But you have to fill the ink first properly.

It may not be a problem if you have previously set up a new printer. But for those of you who have a new printer for the first time, you need to pay special attention so as not to damage the components of the printer. On this occasion, we will thoroughly review how to properly install the DCP T220 Printer for the first time so that it can live long.

A printer that is still new from the factory is certainly still not filled with ink, aka the tank is still completely empty. According to the title of the discussion, the printer that we are discussing this time is the Brother DCP T220.

Every purchase of a Brother DCP T220 printer must be in one package with four ink bottles (black and colored). The first step you have to do is put the new printer on a table or a flat place that has enough space for easy access.

Fill in the four empty ink tanks according to the specified color. Bottle C to tank C (cyan), bottle M to tank M (magenta), bottle Y to tank Y (Yellow), and bottle B to tank B (black).

The way to fill it is to open the ink tank cover first and then fill in the ink until it is full. If so, don't forget to close each ink tank again.

Also remove any plastic or duct tape that is still attached to the printer before you use it. Prepare some paper to be filled into the tray which is located at the bottom of the printer.

Turning on the Brother DCP T220 printer for the first time

Brother DCP T220 printer

After successfully filling the printer ink into the tank until it is full, then you can turn on the DCP T220 printer for the first time.

Plug the power cord from the printer into an electrical outlet. If you have you can start pressing the power button whose position is above the printer. Because this is a new printer, the ink that you just filled into the tank has not yet reached the printer head. So that the ink hose is still filled with air which must be flowed by the ink liquid first.

After the power button is on, press and hold the green button for about five seconds. In response to the printer, it will display a flashing green and orange light. This indicates that the printer is setting up filling ink from the tank to the printer head, which process takes some time.

During the ink charging process for the first time it is still ongoing, the two green and orange LEDs will always flash until they are finished.

When it is finished, only the green LED is lit, and that too without blinking anymore. The printer will automatically self-print as well as the results of the first test, the results of which you can immediately see for yourself on the paper you have prepared earlier.

The results when the printer is new and filled with ink should be clearly legible without the slightest blur. If you find the printer results are blurry or unclear then you can immediately make a complaint with a warranty claim.

Conclusion How to install the DCP T220 Printer

That's the discussion about how to install the DCP T220 Printer the first time that you can try it yourself easily. Installing the printer correctly can make the printer life more durable and long lasting.

Some things you need to pay attention to so as not to do the wrong printer installation are as follows. First make sure that you have filled the printer ink tank correctly.

Fill each tank according to the color listed on the tank label and also the ink bottle. Also make sure when doing the charging process (filling from the ink tank to the hose to the printer head) without any electrical disturbances at all.

As an electronic item, it is highly recommended to install a stabilizer or UPS with high quality in order to make the printer life longer.

Warning: The occurrence of a power outage while the printing process is in progress can cause errors or cause the printer to be damaged quickly.

that's a little review and discussion that can share with all readers, hopefully it can help add insight and provide information for those of you who are currently confused when they are going to order the DCP T220 printer for the first time.

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