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Who says people with a myriad of busy lives can't build their own business? It turns out that there are several lists of side businesses that don't take up much time, you know, so they are perfect for those of you who are busy working but want to have a side income or passive income.

This also applies to housewives who never miss housework every day. There must be times when you get bored with your routine and want to work, right? Getting a side income is of course very profitable, it can also be used as a savings fund.

If you are a very busy person but want to start a business, you need to set up a business that doesn't take up much time. For example, you have a main job, but want to add a side income for retirement. It could also be that you are busy going through school or college education, but want to start a business right away.

Another case, you are a housewife who is preoccupied with daily activities. When you have main activities that cannot be contested, but you want to increase your income, you need to start a business that doesn't take up time.

What business is easiest to run?

Business Recommendations That Don't Take Up Time, Suitable for Busy People

Many say starting a business requires maximum time commitment. However, you can actually build a business slowly, especially if your business targets are not too urgent. Here are a number of Business Ideas that don't take up time for those of you who have a lot of busyness:

1. Rental Services

For those of you who have valuable assets to empower, you can open a rental service. For example, you have vehicle assets such as cars and motorbikes, you can use both of them as capital to make rental services.

Apart from vehicles, you can also rent out a house or an empty room at home to be used as a place to stay that is registered on Airbnb and the like. 

If you have a collection of branded items, you can rent them too. Rental services can be a business that does not take up time. You can still carry out your main activities in peace.

2. Create a Private Label

The concept of private label business is that business owners do not produce their own products. You hire the services of another company to make the product you want, then embed your brand on the product.

This is certainly a business that does not take up time. You don't have to bother thinking about buying raw materials and how the process is made.

You just need to take care of marketing and sales. You can also do this online, by marketing on social media and selling on e-commerce sites. You can do all of these activities while sitting down. Your main activity is not disturbed by your side business.

3. Make a Presentation

The ability to use PowerPoint software that looks trivial, in fact you can use it to increase your income. If you are an office worker who is used to making presentation materials for meetings, this could be your chance.

Create short, concise, and interesting content to make presentations. You can also create graphs from the available data. So who will be your client? There are many who need to make presentations out there, but don't know how. You can offer your services to students who want to test their thesis, thesis, or dissertation. 

You can also offer your services to teachers so they can provide interesting teaching materials. If you still don't have time to process data into a presentation, you can make a presentation template. You can sell this template on a marketplace specifically for digital products.

4. Selling Digital Products

Talking about digital products, there are many simple digital products that can be made without taking up a lot of time. The digital products in question, in the form of various website templates, graphics, designs, photos, video clips, catalogs, and so on.

Creating digital products can be done in spare time, because this business is not based on serving clients. So, you are not constrained by time limits. Like presentation templates, you can sell digital products on various special marketplaces. You just have to match your skills and interests to match the digital product you want to create.

5. Make Video Tutorials

If you have expertise in a field, you can start making video tutorials. Create tiered tutorial material, from beginner to expert. You can upload your video tutorials on YouTube and then earn from advertising. However, you can also create your own website to sell online courses with video tutorials.

Building this business does require a time commitment at the start. However, when the video tutorial is complete, all you have to do is reap the results.

6. Wedding Photographer

If you have photography skills, becoming a wedding photographer can be a very time-consuming endeavor. Your time is indeed consumed, but only on weekends.

Wedding receptions are usually held on weekends, so that all guests can attend on holidays. Your routine activities from Monday to Friday are not disturbed by your efforts.

7. Travel Planner

In contrast to running a travel agent business and tour guide which obviously takes up time. When you become a travel planner, all you need to do is plan. Of course, it will be very profitable for you if you have visited many places, both domestically and abroad. You can become a reliable travel planner.

For people who are not experienced when it comes to traveling, planning an attractive vacation becomes a daunting task. Here your role is to help by arranging their dream vacation.

You can start making your client's travel itinerary. Then, provide recommendations for the cheapest airline tickets, hotels, and other accommodations. You can also incorporate this business by creating a YouTube channel and creating a traveling blog.


From the promising side businesses above, are you interested in opening a side business at home? Come on, you can definitely learn to open your own side business by learning through these 23 promising side businesses. 

No need to be afraid because all big things start from small things, right? For that, I hope this info can help you in starting a side business with small capital.

These are a number of business ideas that do not take up time. So, those are some jobs that don't take up much time and you can do in addition to the main work that you can't leave behind. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for you to get a side income. Hope it inspires!

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