Tips on How to Copy on a Canon Multifunction Printer

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Printers with complete features or often known as Multifunction Printers / AIO (all in one) can help many other jobs, of course, in the office area, by using Multifunction Printers, we can also use the scanning and photocopying features, how to do it?

Actually the method is quite easy to do a photocopy or scan, if you are a diligent person, of course you can easily find the method in the manual in the printer unit box.

But if you really don't find it and are still confused about how to use this printer scan and photocopy feature, you can follow this review which is described using a Canon G2000 series printer, this method can still be used on all Canon printers, because sometimes it has same type of button & shape,

First, we recognize it by looking at the buttons on this Canon G2000 printer:

Tips on How to Copy on a Canon Multifunction Printer

It can be seen in the picture above, which has been provided on printers – Canon All in One Multifunction printers are found to simplify our work process when we are going to do the copying process, the multifunction button also looks simple along with the design and image of the button that is easily recognizable by ordinary users.

But quite a lot of people are still doubtful and don't know that the button has a function, so it is rarely used. It is very necessary for users of multifunction printers, both the latest models and old printers, when they see the button, as is usually the feature of duplicating documents/photocopying/copying.

Several multifunction canon inkjet printers from the canon MP237, MP287, MX410, MX377, MG 2570, MG2570s series to the latest Canon G-series printer, which was only marketed in 2018 in Indonesia.

How do I make a photocopy on my printer?

How to do a photocopy on this Canon printer can be seen in the steps below:

1. First, of course, you have to position the printer in the ON state.
by means of course your printer unit must be connected to a power source, plug the power cable into the mains / cord if not, then press the power button on the printer unit.

the printer unit

2. Place the document/paper/media you want to copy into the scanner glass/moving board screen with the part of the document to be copied facing down.

facing down

3. After the media/paper is in the scanner with the correct and straight position, you can press the photocopy button (black and white) for the button marked with white while the color marked with green is as shown in the image above.

4. After you press the button the photocopying process will run, don't open the scanner cover because it will make the photocopy move and not perfect.

5. The photocopies will also come out, you can make photocopies one by one or in large quantities (depending on the type of printer)

So, those are the right steps to make a photocopy on a printer, you can apply this method to various brands of multifunction inkjet printers other than Canon printers, because basically the concept is the same.

How do I scan from my Canon printer to my computer?

This step is quite easy to follow for those of you who use Canon printers to scan important data. The following is how to scan back and forth on a Canon printer

  • Turn on your Canon printer and the laptop or computer you are using.
  • Open the scanner unit and place the document in that place.
  • Start by selecting 'IJ Scan Utility' on your laptop or computer and click 'Auto'.
  • Modify the scan settings on your printer.
  • Select the type of media such as paper and the like to place in the scanner glass. The document will start scanning on your computer.
  • Place the document in that place and start scanning using 'ScanGear'.
  • Preview your document first before continuing with the next step.
  • Adjust the document size as you wish. Then, click 'Scan'.

Apart from using the IJ Scan Utility method, you can scan manually in Windows. The following are the steps you can follow.

How do I scan from my printer to my computer Windows 10?

  • Open the Windows logo at the bottom left of your laptop or computer screen.
  • Type in the search field 'fax and scan'. to start the scan.
  • Click 'Windows Fax and Scan' above the search results.
  • After that, click 'New Scan'. This option is at the top center left of 'Fax and Scan'.
  • Make sure that your print scan is correct. This is done so that you can start scanning your document.
  • Select the document type by 'Profile' under the menu box on the laptop or computer screen, then select the type such as document or photo that you want.
  • Select a document color. Click 'Color format' and select 'Color' or 'Black and White'.
  • Click 'Preview', to see whether the document is suitable for scanning.
  • Finally click 'Scan' in the middle between 'Preview' and 'Cancel'. The document will be immediately scanned on your computer or laptop.

Now, you know how to photocopy on Canon printers for various types. Good luck!

Quite easy isn't it? Of course, before applying this, you need to know that the printer can print normally, the ink or cartridge is still there, and the paper/media is ready in the tray. So much information from may be useful, Thank you.

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