How to Solve Brother 'Close Ink Cover' Printers

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Printers are one of the computer devices whose use is now increasingly vital. Several types of printers used in Indonesia always make new innovations. Starting from Canon, HP, Epson, and many more. This is Brother, a printer brand that is currently popular. 

The need for a printer at home may not be felt like the need for a refrigerator or rice cooker, but even though it is not used every day, there are some urgent needs that will be a hassle if you have to find a photocopying and printing place. If you often use a printer, either for school assignments or for work needs or light office tasks, you can look for an all-in-one printer that can do printing, scanning and copying tasks well. 

Despite the trend towards digital and paperless, printers continue to be an essential technology in the home. This was proven when demand for home printers soared last year as people started working at home and schooling from home became normal during the pandemic.

From year to year technology continues to develop, in the past printers were only used to print black and white documents. Now, printing machines have much more complete functions than that. Printer functions are varied, from printing text, images, photocopying, scanning to sending faxes. Well, nowadays it's not just offices that need printing equipment. Home use and students also need this tool.

Why are Brother printers so popular? 

How to Solve Brother 'Close Ink Cover' Printers

When it comes to quality, reliability, and affordability, it's hard to go past Brother printers. In fact, it's the only brand where Erzedka recommends the entire product range.

The majority of printers on the market are poor quality and do not meet our strict standards. So, instead of providing a lot of variety to increase sales, we concentrate on providing the best to our customers. So let's take a closer look at why Brother printers are so popular.

1. Brother Printers Has Unmatched New Zealand Based Support

You cannot underestimate how important this is. The problem is that many competing brands offer mediocre support from third world call centers. Unfortunately, the poor customer service you get is more often than not frustrating.

On the other hand, Brother is a pleasure to deal with. Their help desk speaks “Kiwi English” and they will go out of their way to make sure your problem is resolved. For true peace of mind, you can't go past Brother's support.

2. Brother Printers are Easy to Install

For 14 days after the date of purchase, Brother provides free support to help you set up and install the printer. This makes it easy to set up and run.

Best of all, you're not left to figure it out on your own. With Brother's help, the entire process is quick and hassle-free.

3. Brother Printers Come With World Class Driver Software

When you buy a Brother printer you know you can rely on the drivers they provide. Brother provides a download page for their drivers which is updated regularly. You can also visit this page to download your model's manual, in case you have lost it.

4. Brother Printers And Consumables Are Generally Good Value For Money

Because Brother printers are so popular, there is a lot of competition to keep consumable prices reasonable. Cartridges tend to be available for years – unlike some brands where you can't get a cartridge after a few years.

5. Brother Printers Provide A Great Choice For Inkjet

Brother Color Inkjet MFCs are perfect for your home and office. You can avoid the frustration of wasting unused ink in multi-color cartridges. The reason is, Brother color inkjet machines use separate ink cartridges for each color.

Simply replace empty cartridges and reduce waste and costs. Cartridges are easy to replace because Brother inkjet printers have a door on the front…unlike some competitors. Plus, the cartridges are specially formulated for smooth printing, and don't get dirty or clogged.

In addition, Brother inkjet printers also provide LCD color touch screen displays. This is an amazing feature that allows you to:

  • Quickly explore your printer's functions
  • Get access to the Brother Cloud App
  • Print from your compatible smartphone… and
  • Upload photos and documents quickly and easily
  • Brother Printers Are Easy to Identify

Another good thing about Brother Printers is the straightforward way they are categorized and named. There are different series including DCP, MFC and HL. Each category comes with its own features, which makes the selection procedure much easier.

6. Award Winning Model Brother Printer Features

Brother printers are renowned for their high performance. They have received many honors and awards over the years. Bottom line… Brother has a proven track record over the years. They are generally considered the leader in printing solutions in the home and SOHO markets.

7. Brother Printers Work Well With Compatible Cartridges

In the long run, original cartridges become expensive and drain your wallet. This is where quality compatible cartridges make sense. Quality is the “key word” here, as you don't want to risk an inferior cartridge damaging your printer. The good news is that Brother printers work very well with good quality compatible cartridges.

Advantages of Brother Brand Printer

Advantages of Brother Brand Printer

Apart from being famous for its quality sewing machine products and being one of the favorites, Brother also makes reliable printer products. Brother is the best printer brand which is very suitable for office or small business needs. Brother printers will produce high quality prints, quickly and cost effectively. 

Brother also provides a variety of printer prices that can be adjusted to suit your budget. Brother printers are even among the recommended types of printers for tracing. Apart from having good and durable features, take a look at some of the advantages of this Brother brand printer:

1. Print quality is sharper with good colors

Brother is a regular printer, meaning it is commonly used to print documents. However, if you try printing photos using this printer, don't be surprised if the quality of Brother's printed photos is very good. 

This is because Brother has sharper print quality with 4 coloring inks and has a resolution of up to 6000 dpi. That's why, if you have this printer, you don't need to go through the trouble of going to a billboarder just to print brochures or photos.

2. Easy paper handling

Control here means, if you want to print lots of pages, the Brother printer can store up to 150 papers in the paper tray. What's special is that you can print various paper sizes.

Generally, printers can only print a maximum size of F4. But not for Brother printers. With such settings, Brother makes it possible to print from various paper sizes.

3. Print from mobile

Almost all types of Brother printers are equipped with this facility, namely printing from a mobile phone or other gadget. Without cables, you can transfer files to the printer so that the printer can print your files. 

This is because the Brother Printer is equipped with wireless. So you don't need to use cables. There are many brands of Bluetooth printers available on the market, but generally they are only cashier printers.

4. Print at a more economical cost

This is a very real advantage of the Brother brand. Just imagine, one Brother printer ink refill can print around 13,000 pages. Economical, right? Apart from that, genuine ink that is compatible with Brother printers is priced cheaply, so fake ink is rarely circulated.

5. High printing speed

Usually we know Epson printers as printers with high printing speeds. This time there is Brother. Brother printers print at higher speeds of up to 12 ipm (images per minute) for black and white documents and 10 ipm for color documents.

6. Easy to fill ink

There is one feature that only Brother has, namely Printer Refill. This feature is designed smartly so that it helps you simplify the process of refilling ink. To refill ink, you simply open the ink tank cover. The design of the Brother printer makes it easy for you to fill ink. 

You don't need to open the printer cover, then wait for the cartridge to shift to the center, and so on. Even the ink refill angle has been made at 45 degrees, thereby minimizing the possibility of ink spilling when refilling.

You also don't need to bother providing your own ink jet to your Brother printer. Generally, Canon or other printers must be provided with their own ink jet so that refilling ink is easier. This even makes the printer lose its warranty. But if you have a Brother, that won't happen. Because the ink in the clear container is designed to be embedded directly in the printer.

7. Affordable prices

This is a strong reason why Brother Printers have many users. With more complete features, good print quality, Brother has a cheaper price than other brand printers. The price and all the conveniences provide many benefits for users.

8. Slimmer and more compact shape

Equipped with a built-in ink bottle and LCD, this does not make the Brother printer have a large body. In fact, this printer is a printer that is easy to place anywhere, even if you have a fairly narrow space. The shape of the Brother printer is relatively smaller than other printers, you only need a smaller space than other printers.

9. Guarantee

When you modify the printer, usually the warranty will immediately expire. But not for Brother printers. You still get a guarantee when you have modified the Brother Smartphone. If you leave the printer without modification, you will get a 2 year guarantee. Meanwhile, if you modify it, you get a 1 year guarantee.

10. Easy to resolve when errors occur

Brother printers are equipped with LCDs so you don't need to be confused when your printer suddenly has an error. With instructions via the LCD, you will be notified of the problem that is causing the Brother printer to error. 

Apart from that, this printer is designed to be very user friendly. So you won't be confused when this printer suddenly errors. One of the Brother printer error problems is the 'close ink cover' notification. This problem usually occurs because when we pull the paper slot, the cover on the side accidentally gets pulled. 

The message 'close ink cover' will appear on the Brother printer LCD. Apart from that, this problem can occur because the sensor for the cartridge is less sensitive so it cannot detect the condition of the cartridge which is actually closed.

Cause of close ink cover error

Cause of close ink cover error

The cause of the close ink cover error on the Brother printer itself is because the ink sensor on the printer cannot detect the cartridge, thus causing an error on your Brother printer, and it cannot print documents.

How to deal with Brother Close Ink Cover

  • The first step you have to do is remove the cartridge on the Brother printer. Remove the cartridges one by one, then install them again. If the error persists, it means the printer sensor has not been able to detect a normal cartridge.
  • If you have a problem with the sensor, you can do the next step. Remove all cartridges and also the cartridge sensor hook next to them. After that, put everything back together. Install the cartridge and sensor correctly.
  • Look at the printer's reaction to see whether it has detected the cartridge correctly. If so, clean the printer. Check or test by printing your document.
  • If the previous step doesn't work, you can do the next step. Now is the time for you to remove all Brother printer covers. Don't forget to remove the cartridge too.
  • Reinsert the covers one by one, the cartridges too.
  • To insert the cartridge, usually the printer LCD will instruct you to enter a certain color. Just follow the printer's instructions.
  • After successfully inserting all the cartridges, replace all the printer covers.
  • When finished, you can try your Brother printer again.
  • Do some cleaning and test by printing several documents.


That's how to deal with Brother Close Ink Cover Printers. The problems above are easy and the most common problems experienced by Brother Printers. Furthermore, to avoid the problems above, you should be more careful not to be careless when carrying out activities with the printer.

When you have to open the printer cover, do it carefully. When closing it again, make sure the cover is completely closed. When do you open the printer cover? When you have to fill in ink. So you must do this. And if the problem is not resolved, you have to be patient and patient to continue solving it.

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