13+ Recommendations for the Best Printer Ink Brands

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Canon CL-761XL Ink Cartridge is an original multi-color ink cartridge from Canon which is designed to provide durable and long-lasting printing results. This cartridge is compatible with the Canon TS5370 type printer and has a large capacity, capable of printing up to 300 pages. 

The printouts from this cartridge have sharp, clear image quality and accurate colors. Even though it has a higher price, this Canon CL-761XL cartridge offers guaranteed quality and is a good choice for printing quality documents and photos.

This Canon CL-761XL cartridge has superior ink with three colors, and can be used to print on both plain and photo paper. The number of prints that can be produced depends on the type of paper used, with standards reaching 180 pages for plain paper and 69 pages for 4x6 inch photos. This cartridge is a good choice for those who prioritize superior print quality and long ink durability.

Types of Ink and Their Functions

13+ Recommendations for the Best Printer Ink Brands

1. Pigment Printer Ink (Durabrite)

High quality ink capable of printing documents in the form of writing or images with very sharp, dense and waterproof results on all types of paper such as HVS, Injet paper or Photo paper. Use this ink correctly, if you leave the pigment ink unused for too long, the ink cartridge head can become clogged.

Types of pigment printer ink (Durabrite):

a. Pigment Art Paper Ink Printer Ink

is a type of ink that is suitable for use in small or large scale printing using small quantities of ivory art paper for full color images.

b. Korean Pigment Art Paper Printer Ink

The ink is anti-fading and fades even when exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time. This ink is suitable for use in photo businesses that require good quality and is long lasting even when placed in outdoor / indoor locations. Apart from that, it can usually be applied to art paper, photo paper, sticker photo paper, PVS paper, etc. And the print results using Korean art paper are smoother and sharper.

c. China Pigment Art Paper Printer Ink

This ink is exactly the same as Chinese Art Paper pigment ink, the only difference is the print results. Art PaperChina print results are more natural, the colors do not fade even when exposed to sunlight and can last a long time.

2. Dye Base Printer Ink

The ink is made from water and colourant, so the possibility of it settling or getting stuck in the 'Printhead Cartridge' is smaller. Dye Base ink is usually used for HVS paper, Glossy paper, Inkjet paper, canvas, PVC ID Cards and so on. However, this ink cannot be used to print art paper (brochure paper and calendars). This ink also fades easily and the color fades easily when exposed to heat/sunlight and also takes longer to dry the ink on the print media.

3. Sublimation Ink

Printer ink is often used for infusion printers, or can be called ink which is commonly used to print screen printing materials such as (t-shirts, pins, mugs, hats) because this sublime ink is more resistant to water and stronger color degradation. 

This ink is also more economical and efficient and screen printing results can be printed directly. The transfer method used is printing onto HVS paper or inkjet paper then heat pressing onto (t-shirts, pins, mugs, hats). However, the drawback here is that the risk of the printhead becoming clogged is greater

4. DTG Textile Ink

Ink specifically used for DTG printers. DTG textile ink is very friendly to DTG Printer Heads, especially Micro Piezzo Type Heads (Epson or Brother Head Type). And the print results are sharp, bright, smooth and fade resistant. 

This ink can also print on all types of garment fabrics such as (t-shirts, jackets, clothes, polyester fabrics, combed cotton fabrics, etc.. Types of Textile DTG inks:

a. Duppont P5910 ink

The whitest printing results in the DTG white ink class compared to other brands. The most trusted textile ink for DTG printer users

b. German DTG ink

Print results are sharper, more durable, and do not fade even if washed repeatedly. Usually combined with light treatment (white t-shirt) and dark treatment (dark t-shirt).

5. Solvent and Eco Solvent Ink

Solvent ink is printer ink that is of very good quality because it can withstand water and sunlight longer than other inks. However, the drawback here is that solvent ink has a strong odor. Solvent ink is widely used to print banners, posters, billboards, neon boxes and other outdoor printing because the print results are more durable against water and UV.

Eco Solvent ink is ink that does not have a strong odor compared to Solvent ink. The characteristics of Eco solvent ink itself are not much different from Solvent ink. However, here, considering that this ink is less UV resistant, Eco Solvent ink is mostly used for indoor printing only.

Which type of ink is best in printer?

List Best Printer Ink Brands

Apart from the printer, another thing to create good printing results is choosing the right printer ink. Choosing the right product will also make the printer last longer. You can also print on various print media.

Currently, there are many brands of printer ink sold on the market. Of course, each brand has its own advantages. If you are planning to buy this product, here recommendations for good printer ink from various brands. 

Apart from that, there are also various tips for choosing the best printer ink that you should also pay attention to. Below we recommend the best printer ink that you can use:

1. Epson 003 Printer Ink

Epson 003 Printer Ink

Epson 003 Printer Ink is an economical and high quality printing solution specifically designed for the Epson L1110, L3110, L3101, L3150, and L5190 series printers. This ink has a very large printing capacity, with 65ml of ink capable of printing up to 6000 sheets of paper, making it an ideal choice for office needs. 

Epson 003 ink is also produced from special materials that are anti-fade and do not fade easily, providing sharp and high-quality printing results. Available in four colors - black, blue, yellow and red - Epson 003 ink is the right choice to save on daily printing costs while maintaining the quality of your printer prints.

2. Hewlett Packard GT52 M0H55AA Ink Bottle

Hewlett Packard GT52 M0H55AA Ink Bottle

Hewlett Packard GT52 M0H55AA Ink Bottle is Hewlett-Packard's original printer ink that provides high-quality, colorful prints. At an affordable price, this printer ink allows you to print up to 8,000 sheets of color documents or images. 

In addition, using this printer ink can help you save on your printing budget, making it suitable for use at home or in school environments. This cartridge is an economical and reliable choice for color printing needs.

3. Fast Print Pigment Art Paper Korea Epson

Fast Print Pigment Art Paper Korea Epson

Fast Print Pigment Art Paper Korea Epson is an ink choice that is suitable for your printing business needs, especially for advertisements, posters, publications and souvenirs. This ink contains pigment dyes which have excellent water resistance, so printing images or text on various types of media will not fade easily. 

The advantages of this ink also include an anti-heat feature, so the printouts will not turn yellow when laminated. Available in various colors and can be used with various types of Epson printers, Fast Print Pigment Art Paper Korea Epson is a reliable and quality choice for your business printing.

4. HP 678 Color Ink

HP 678 Color Ink

HP 678 Color ink is a choice of high quality printer ink from Hewlett Packard (HP). With a combination of three main colors (red, green, blue), this ink produces sharp, detailed and long-lasting prints. One HP 678 color ink can print around 140 pages. 

This cartridge is compatible with a number of HP printers, including the Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515, 2515, 2545 All-in-One Printer, and 4515 e-All-in-One Printer. At an affordable price, HP 678 Color ink is a good choice for printing quality results in your various printing applications.

5. Epson T664 ink 1 set

Epson T664 ink 1 set

Epson T664 Ink 1 Set (4 Color Pack) is a good choice for printing documents with deep colors, especially if you have school or college assignments that require small writing. This ink is available in 4 colors: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, which are suitable for various types of prints. 

One pack of this ink can print up to 4500 sheets, making it an economical choice. Epson T664 ink is compatible with various Epson printers, including L100, L120, L200, L210, L220, L300, L310, L360, L400, L500, and L565, and each ink bottle contains 70 ml.

6. Brother Printer Ink BTD60BK

Brother Printer Ink BTD60BK

The Brother Ink Printer BTD60BK is a great choice for printing documents in an office environment. This printer ink is available in black and this ink bottle can print up to 6,500 sheets of documents. In addition, the prints are waterproof and do not fade easily, making them suitable for printing important documents. 

This printer ink is compatible with several types of Brother printers, including DCP-T310, DCP-T510W, DCP-T710W, DCP-T810W, DCP-T420W, DCP-T220, DCP-T520W, DCP-T720DW, DCP-T820DW, and MFC- T810W. At an affordable price, Brother BTD60BK printer ink is an economical solution for printing large volumes in an office environment.

7. DataPrint DP 41 Ink

DataPrint DP 41 Ink

DataPrint DP 41 Ink is an economical choice for printing in three main colors, namely magenta, yellow and cyan. At an affordable price, this printer ink is able to produce quality prints with clarity comparable to original ink. 

Each ink tube has a volume of 10 ml, and this ink is compatible with a number of common printers such as Canon, Epson and HP. Data Print is one of the pioneers in refill ink in Indonesia, offering quality comparable to original ink at a more affordable price. 

With DataPrint DP 41 ink, you can print economically without having to buy a new cartridge every time the ink runs out.

8. F1 Ink Art Paper for Epson

F1 Ink Art Paper for Epson

F1 Ink Art Paper for Epson is a high quality ink designed specifically for Epson printers. This ink is capable of producing sharp, clear and long-lasting prints. With wide compatibility, this ink is suitable for various types of Epson printers, from those used at home to large industrial scales. 

Prints from this ink have vivid colors and impressive detail, and are resistant to sunlight, water and scratches. With F1 Ink Art Paper for Epson, you can print with high quality and without worrying about damaging your printer machine.

9. PIXEL Polymer Printer Ink

PIXEL Polymer Printer Ink

PIXEL Polymer Printer Ink is a superior printing solution with anti-fade and anti-fade advantages. This ink is designed to provide extra protection to your prints, making them resistant to water and sunlight.

By using anti-UV materials, this ink ensures that color quality is maintained, even when exposed to direct sunlight. Another advantage is the ability to print like it has a laminate layer without the need for additional materials. 

Apart from that, this ink also comes at an economical price, making it an economical and quality choice for your printing needs. With PIXEL Polymer Printer Ink, you no longer need to worry about prints that are easily damaged or faded.

10. CANON Ink Cartridge PG-810

CANON Ink Cartridge PG-810

Canon Ink Cartridge PG-810 is the perfect choice for your printer that requires sharp and long-lasting print quality. This cartridge not only produces quality prints, but also helps maintain the durability of your printer by maintaining the print head. 

With a printing capacity of up to 220 sheets, this cartridge is very reliable in meeting your daily printing needs. In addition, the color accuracy produced by this cartridge makes it a good choice for various types of Canon printers, including MP245, MP258, MP276, MP287, MP486, MP496, MP497, MX328, MX338, MX347, MX357, MX366, MX416, and MX426. With the Canon Ink Cartridge PG-810, you can print with confidence and get stunning print results.

11. Brother Ink Cartridge LC-3617

Brother Ink Cartridge LC-3617

The Brother Ink Cartridge LC-3617 is the perfect choice for the Brother MFC-J3530 printer. This ink is specially designed to produce the best print quality, especially when you print documents on A3 size paper. 

With the ability to print up to around 550 sheets, this cartridge provides sharp, quality print results, making it a reliable choice for the Brother MFC-J3530DW printer and other models, such as the BROTHER MFC-J2330DW, BROTHER MFC-J2730DW, and BROTHER MFC-J3930DW . With the Brother Ink Cartridge LC-3617, you can print with confidence and get satisfying print results.

12. Canon CL-811 Color Printer Ink

Canon CL-811 Color Printer Ink

Canon CL-811 Color Ink Cartridge is the right choice for printing images or photos. This printer ink is equipped with the Chromalife feature which increases photo resistance to factors such as humidity, gas and UV light, so that your photo prints will remain sharp and colorful for a long time. 

Another advantage is the ability to print even when there is only 5 percent ink remaining, allowing you to print documents in emergency situations. This ink has a print capacity of up to 240 pages and is compatible with Canon MP 258 and MP 287 printers, making it a reliable choice for your color printing needs.

13. Brother BT6000BK

Brother BT6000BK

Brother BT6000BK printer ink is an excellent choice for printing high-quality, sharp documents. This ink combines advanced technology with optimal ink distribution, producing smooth prints and excellent color balance. With Brother ink, you can print up to 6000 pages of documents at one full capacity, making it an efficient and economical choice for office needs. 

This ink is available in four colors - black, yellow, blue, and red - and is compatible with a variety of Brother printer models, including the DCP-T310, DCP-T510W, HL-T4000DW, MFC-T4500DW, Brother DCP-T710W, Brother MFC- T910DW, and Brother MFC-T810W.

14. Aiflo 664 Printer Ink Package

Aiflo 664 Printer Ink Package

Aiflo 664 Printer Ink Package is here as an economical solution for students and anyone who has the need to print large quantities of documents. With the 100 ml capacity ink bottle available in this package, you can print a large number of documents without having to worry about spending a lot of money. 

Aiflo 664 printer ink is specifically designed for filling the infusion system on Epson L-Series printers such as the Epson L100, Epson L110, Epson L120, Epson L200, Epson L210, Epson L300, Epson L350, Epson L550, and Epson L1300. This ink provides print results with the best color brightness and satisfactory print results, making it an excellent choice for your printing needs.


There are various types of printer ink on the market. This means you have lots of choices, so you just have to adjust it to the printer you have. To make it easier and avoid unwanted things, you can use ink that has the same brand as your printer. Of course, products made by the same company are clearly compatible. This also leads to efficient use of ink...

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