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What is NOZZLE CHECK, This is the Full Explanation!

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    One part of the printer that plays an important role in getting the best print quality is the nozzle. Various printers that come from many brands and support the latest technology systems usually have this nozzle check feature. What is the explanation of the nozzle and what is the function of the nozzle on the printer, here is the description.

    Nozzle is a part of the printer that has a function to remove ink during the printing process. An integrated feature of this section is the nozzle check. The function of this feature is usually to determine the condition or damage to the printer.

    Each owned brand of printer supports a different nozzle check feature. This is usually done through a pre-installed application from the printer driver.

    What is a printer nozzle?

    What is NOZZLE CHECK, This is the Full Explanation!

    The nozzle on the printer is a micro hole where the ink comes out of the cartridge head. There are many nozzles on the head cartridge. So, when printing but the print results are not optimal (striped, dotted), the printer ink is dry, the ink is stuck, all the problems are with the head cartridge because there are several nozzles/holes which may be problematic.

    So how do you know if the head cartridge is normal or damaged? So, to find out about this, we can do a "Nozzle check". This nozzle check can be done for Canon, Epson, Brother, HP printers. But not all brands provide a way to do a nozzle check. And all of these brands have different nozzle graphics but the function is all the same.

    Nozzle check support in many printer categories

    Nozzles are usually used for several categories of printers. Each of these printers has very distinct advantages. However, also make sure that each printer offers excellent functionality. Here are some choices from the category of printers that use the nozzle as a very important part, such as:
    • InkJet Printers
    • LED/LCD Printer
    • Plotter Printer
    • Dotmatrix printers

    What is the purpose of the nozzle check?

    Reason for doing nozzle check

    Actually you have to do a nozzle check periodically to find out the capabilities of the printer being used. The more often you use the printer, the nozzle check must also be carried out. In fact, this also affects the quality of the prints you need.

    Some printers that have nozzles usually have a check feature through the default application that comes from the driver. Also make sure that the driver you use through the device matches the type of printer. Here are some important reasons to apply nozzle check such as:

    1. Checking nozzle condition

    One of the reasons you can consider, of course, is to check the condition of the nozzle. This inspection is usually done to facilitate the printing process. Moreover, the nozzle is a very important part for removing ink when printing. You can use special software that facilitates the inspection process in a faster timeframe. In fact, the software has a display to show the last condition of the nozzle.

    2. Get better prints

    Of course, this check on the nozzle is done to get better print results. There are several parts of the nozzle element that affect the quality of the color ink you use.

    In fact, you can also do a printing test to find out the condition of the print quality according to the type and size of the paper.

    3. Anticipate color quality

    Usually many people do a nozzle check to find out the ideal color quality. Especially if you want to get the best color quality from printing, try to do regular checks. Usually this also affects the ability of the nozzle to get the color you want.

    How do I run a nozzle check on my printer?

    Easy way to do nozzle check

    Each type and brand of printer has a different easy way to do a nozzle check. Also make sure that the printer is in excellent condition when performing the inspection. In addition, you can also take advantage of important features that come from the printer device to support this check. You can do an easy way for nozzle checks such as:

    1. Install the printer

    The first thing you can do is to install a printer. Make sure that the printer is also properly connected via a PC or laptop. In addition, you must also install the appropriate driver for the type and character of the printer.

    2. Open control panel/Via start

    Once connected, then you open the control panel on your PC or laptop. If you have trouble getting the control panel menu, try searching through the search bar in the menu section.

    3. Select the Hardware and Sound menu > Devices and Printers

    In the control panel of the Hardware and Sound menu. You have to click on the section from View Devices and Printers. Then there will be a display of the installed printer.

    Hardware and Sound

    4. Select printing preferences

    Right-click on the printer section and select the Printing Preferences menu. Then a new pop up menu appears and select the Maintenance tab.

    5. Use the nozzle check menu

    Click the Nozzle Check menu that is already available. Then you will get a print option. Click the print button immediately and check the condition of the nozzle.

    Nozzle Check on EPSON Printer

    Nozzle Check on EPSON Printer

    When checking the check nozzle on the Epson printer that I have, apart from getting information about the print results, I also got other information. There the printer serial number and firmware used are printed. 

    From the explanation I know that firmware is also called firmware. This firmware is similar to the operating system on a computer. With an operating system, the computer can carry out its functions properly. Command input on the computer can be processed. Well, this also applies to firmware. Without firmware in a printer, the printer will not be able to receive commands to complete.

    I forget the first time I used this printer. However, on the nozzle check results, I was told that the printer's First Time Printing occurred on August 2 2019. Wow, that means I've been using the printer for a year and a half!

    Many Prints During Printer Use

    How many printed sheets have been produced? How many black and white and color prints have each been produced? The printer that I have been using for a year and a half has apparently printed 8,008 colored pages and 9,485 black and white (B/W) pages. Apart from that, the printer once executed a print command which turned out to be 61 blank pages.

    Before I knew it, it turned out I had printed 17,554 sheets. One and a half years means eighteen months. So, in one month on average I print approximately 975 sheets. In one day I printed 32.5 pages. Wow, I had no idea that in a year and a half I printed thirty-two and a half pages.

    I was also curious about my printer's printing limit. Curiosity arose considering that the print run had reached seventeen thousand five hundred copies. According to information obtained from several reviews of EPSON printer products, some say the figure is 25,000 sheets, some say 33,000 sheets. If possible, as long as possible and as many printers as possible can be used. 

    However, I also realized that a printer is a tool that has a certain lifespan. However, if we are able to use it according to usage standards, it is hoped that the printer will last longer and be able to produce text prints of up to 33,000 sheets. Thank goodness there can be more.

    Tips for a long-lasting printer

    Tips for a long-lasting printer

    Based on experience and combined with reviewers regarding printer use, the things that should be done to ensure that the EPSON printer lasts are as follows.

    • It is better to print every 10 sheets or 20 sheets rather than printing 100 sheets at once. Give yourself a few minutes to print the second 100 sheets.
    • Print every day, even if it's just one sheet. Apart from printing black and white, it also prints color images, although not too large. This is to prevent frozen ink in the printhead channels.
    • Carry out cleaning if the print results are not good or are broken. Check the results by printing a nozzle check.
    • Do not print if the ink indicator shows that the ink is running low. Fill ink in the ink tank if a warning appears that the ink level has reached the safe threshold.
    • Unplug the power cable after turning off the printer via the on/off button.
    • Use a good stabilizer if the electrical voltage is unstable.

    How to Nozzle Check an HP Printer

    How to Nozzle Check an HP Printer

    1. Prepare the Printer

    Before doing a nozzle check, make sure the printer is ready to print. Make sure the paper is installed and there is enough ink. Don't forget to check whether the ink used is suitable for the type of HP printer we have.

    2. Perform a Nozzle Check

    Once the printer is ready, do a nozzle check. The way to do this is by opening the print menu in the printer software. Select the "Maintenance" menu and then select "Nozzle Check". 

    Then click “Print” to start the nozzle check process. Make sure the printer is still while the nozzle check process is taking place.

    3. Check the Nozzle Check Results

    After the nozzle check process is complete, check the printout from the nozzle check. If the print results look clear and neat, then our HP printer is in good condition. However, if there are lines or spots on the printout, the printer may need to be cleaned or maintained.

    4. Clean the Printer

    If the nozzle check results show lines or spots on the printout, then it is possible that the printer needs to be cleaned. Clean it by opening the printer and cleaning the printer head with a clean cloth or unused paper.

    5. Repeat the Nozzle Check Process

    After cleaning the printer, carry out the nozzle check process again to ensure the printer is in good condition and has the best print quality.

    6. Add Ink If Necessary

    If the nozzle check process shows that the printer is running low on ink, make sure to add ink. Don't let the printer ink run out because it can damage the printer machine.

    7. Perform Nozzle Checks Periodically

    To maintain the quality of printer prints, check the nozzle regularly. By doing nozzle checks regularly, we can extend the life of the printer and avoid damage to the printer machine.


    From the discussion we have presented above, it can be concluded that nozzle checking is one of the important things in maintaining the quality of printer prints. By doing nozzle checks regularly, we can extend the life of the printer and fix problems that often occur with the printer. 

    Maintaining the printer properly is also an important factor in maintaining the quality of printer prints. Don't forget to always check the nozzle on your HP printer regularly and provide good maintenance for the printer. Thankyou for read our article. Hope it is useful..!!!

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