10 Recommendations for the Best Epson Printers for You

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Epson is a world-renowned printer manufacturer, which produces various types of printers that support the needs of print, copy and scan documents. Epson has advantages such as quality prints, sharp and clear. So that Epson products are liked by most of the people in the world.

For those of you who want to find the best Epson printer products, we will share a list of the best-selling Epson printers in 2021 along with their prices, features and advantages. The following is a brief summary and review of the best and best-selling Epson printer choices in 2021, which can support printing, copying and scanning of documents with the best quality.

Best Epson Printer Selection List

This time we will provide tips for choosing a good printer. We will also share product recommendations from the best printer brands, for example Epson L3210 and Canon IP2770. You can also find printers with Wi-Fi, ink tank printers that save ink, and color printers for printing photos. Check out the printer reviews in this article before you buy, OK?

1. Ink Tank Printer

Ink Tank Printer
Ink Tank Printer

The ink tank printer is a type of color printer, which uses an easy ink filling system and can print more documents. Epson issued many series of ink tank printers such as the Epson L121, L3150, L850 and many more. Here are some popular Epson Ink Tank printer products.

a. Epson L121/121/121 Printers

The Epson L120 printer is the best-selling type for the ink tank printer category. Because this printer has a fairly cheap price and the printouts are good for documents and images. The price of the 2021 Epson L121 is priced starting at USD $ 80.00

b. Epson EcoTank L5190

The Epson EcoTank L5190 type printer is a popular product from Epson during 2021. This printer does have many abundant features, because this printer can be used to print, copy, scan and fax with the ADF.

This printer is also supported by a Wifi connection so it can be used without connecting a cable first. The printouts are no longer in doubt, suitable for business or office needs.

2. Monochrome Printer

Monochrome Printer
Monochrome Printer

A monochrome printer is a type of printer that can only print black and white documents. Monochrome printers are commonly used in offices.

a. Epson M1100 Printer

The EcoTank Monochrome M1100 printer is the recommended printer type for business needs. This printer has the advantage of having a print speed of up to 32 ppm (pages per minute). The capacity of 1 ink bottle can print up to 6,000 pages. The price of the M1100 printer on the market is sold at prices starting from Rp. 2.1 million.

b. Printer Epson M2140

The Epson M2140 printer is a type of monochrome printer that can be used for printing, scanning and copying. This printer is priced starting at USD $222.73. 

With this price, you can enjoy the advanced features of this printer, such as a scan resolution that reaches 1200 x 2400 dpi, so that it displays maximum results that are clearer and sharper. Epson also offers a long warranty period of 4 years or a maximum of 50 thousand prints.

3. Dot Matrix Printers

Dot Matrix printer
Dot Matrix printer

The Dot Matrix printer is a type of printer that is commonly used to print transaction documents such as invoices. The reason is that this printer uses prints such as ink ribbons that are pressed onto the paper so that they produce dot prints.

a. Epson LQ310 Printer

The Epson LQ310 printer is a type of dot matrix printer that has been sold in thousands in e-commerce, thus indicating that this printer is quite in demand in 2021. The price of this printer is around Rp. 2.6 million. 

The advantage of this printer is that it can print up to 416 characters per second, this speed is almost up 40% compared to the previous product. In addition, this printer is capable of making prints of up to 4 parts, namely 1 original and 3 copies.

b. Printer Epson LQ-2190

The Epson LQ-2190 printer is a printer type with the ability to print up to 480 characters per second, superior to the LQ type. This type of printer is highly recommended for those of you who have a business that requires high-volume document printing. 

The LQ 2190 printer is even capable of producing 15 million characters with the ribbon used, so it will be more economical.

4. Printer Workforce (for Work)

Printer Workforce
Printer Workforce

The WorkForce or WF printer is a flexible type of Epson printer because it has a light weight and other advanced features. This printer is suitable for those of you who travel a lot, because workforce printer products are equipped with built-in batteries so that they can be used anytime and anywhere.

a. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790

The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5790 is the type of printer you can rely on if you want to have a printer that needs fast work. This printer is equipped with Wifi, Epson connect (printing support applications) and NFC features. The LCD screen with a touch screen measuring 4.3 makes it easy for you to make settings on the printer without having to connect a PC.

b. WorkForce WF-100 Wi-Fi Inkjet Printer

The WorkForce WF-100 is a portable printer type weighing 1.6 kg which has a battery with a capacity of 1,860 mAh. This printer is supported by Wifi connectivity and can be used by by 4 devices at once. This printer is priced starting from USD $243.61.

Tips for choosing the type of Epson printer

Tips for choosing the type of Epson printer

Epson is one of the best printer manufacturers that offers many conveniences for printing, scanning, copying documents. Epson creates many types of printers such as WorkForce, PictureMate, SureColor and Ecotank. For those of you who want to have a printer, you should choose according to your needs, for example whether for high-volume work or just a home printer.

From the various choices of the best Epson printers above, here are some options that you can adjust to your needs.

1. EcoTank printer type

EcoTank printer types are standard printer types, suitable for home or office printer needs with medium to low volume levels.

2. Printer type WorkForce (WF)

The WorkForce type printer is the recommended printer type for high volume and mobility jobs. Because there are WF printers that use batteries, so they are easy to carry anywhere.

3. PictureMate printer type

PictureMate is a type of Epson printer that is suitable for those of you who like photography. This printer allows you to print photos directly from the camera.

4. Printer Type SureColor

SureColor is a type of printer that is commonly used in the design industry, because it prints quality images, with sharper and clearer colors.

Tips for Caring for an Epson Printer to Make it Last

Printers are electronic devices that require special care. Unlike other types of electronics, printers require cleaning both from the outside and the inside. Here are some tips for caring for Epson printers, so that they are durable and can function properly.
  • Keep the printer clean, remove the dust that sticks to the printer body.
  • Routinely do a clean head, to prevent the print hole of the printer head from being clogged.
  • Print documents every day (min 1 sheet), so that no ink settles on the printer head.
  • Avoid printing many documents at once, because it can tire the printer and if left unchecked will make the printer's performance decrease over time.
  • Using genuine ink, can make printer performance optimal and produce the best prints, because genuine Epson printers are made specifically for their products.
  • Avoid running out of ink, because it causes the cartridge to overheat.

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