How to Solve Printer Printouts that are Not Straight

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Printer printouts are not straight, one of the problems that often arises in low-end printer class printers. One printer that fixes this problem is Canon brand printers in various series.

Many people today find that their printer prints are not direct or turn the corner and immediately replace the cartridge. Indeed, replacing the cartridge can solve this problem, but because the cartridge has a price that is not cheap, you can try another, more economical method. 

One of the causes of misaligned printouts is long plastic tape that is dirty because it involves drying ink. This time we will discuss how to deal with misaligned printer printouts that you can easily follow.

How to Solve Printer Printouts that are Not Straight
Solve Printer Printouts that are Not Straight

This long plastic ribbon if it is dirty will affect the printouts of your printer. The printout may not be straight or slanted and the lines will bend because this encoder has the function of printing a straight line (vertical) while the horizontal (horizontal) line printer is a round plastic plate or commonly called a decoder.

How to overcome the prints that are not straight was very easy. buddy, just clean this long plastic tape using a tissue that has been moistened with warm water. When cleaning, you have to be very careful because if you rub too hard, you can save the lines in the encoder.

If this line is deleted, you can't use this encoder anymore and have to replace it with a new one. Sometimes there are encoders that have been saved but cannot be used. Since this is the encoder that has been asked for, dry ink is indeed difficult to repair. If it's like this, you have to replace your encoder with a new one.

If after replacing the encoder, the resulting new line is still skewed or not straight, it means that it is the printer that must be replaced. Cases like this are rare, but they can happen to you. To test your printouts are straight and normal, you can print an excel worksheet.

Printer Print Results Are Not Straight
Printer Print Results Are Not Straight

If prompted, whether the line is straight or still winding. You also have to check the condition of your printer whether it has printed in high quality or not. Printers that disable to print in low quality also have this kind of problem. This is very important for you to change, you can change the settings of your printer to high quality by going to the properties menu of your printer settings.

That's how to overcome printer printouts that are not straight or that turn. Hopefully our information about the tutorial on How to Overcome Printer Prints that are Not Straight above can help solve the problems that you are currently experiencing. Look forward to other interesting articles about printers!!

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