What is User-Generated Content and Why is it Important?

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As digitalization develops, marketing strategies also become more diverse. Communication that involves users or customers also has great potential in increasing engagement and awareness of a brand. One way is through User Generated Content. 

User generated content is a review of feedback or photos from other users regarding the products being marketed. Reviews or photos uploaded by other parties on social media are marketing that is really needed by business people. This makes this marketing method often used by business actors.

So, before getting to know more about user generated content, it's good to know the definition, characteristics, benefits, and examples in the following brief explanation.

What is UGC or user-generated content?

Understanding User Generated Content and its Benefits

UGC or User Generated Content is content created by users or consumers of a platform or website. UGC content can be text, images, videos, or other types of content created and shared by users. In addition, UGC content is usually posted via social media platforms, blogs, discussion forums or other websites that allow users to contribute.

In the context of digital marketing, UGC has become an increasingly popular trend because it can help brands or companies strengthen their brand image by leveraging the power of social influence and user trust. Because UGC is created by users and based on their experience with a particular brand or product, this content is often more authentic and can build trust among consumers.

The most appropriate definition for user generated content is an upload on social media of a product by consumers either through reviews, photos, videos, text, blogs, to podcasts. This method is free and can last as long as possible without time limits depending on the consumer who uploads it on social media.

One of the most popular examples of UGC is product reviews. When someone buys a certain product and uploads a photo or product review on social media, these reviews can help a brand or company build trust among potential consumers who are looking for information about that product. Therefore, UGC is often a very effective marketing tool for brands or companies in building credibility and increasing the loyalty of their customers.

What are the elements of user-generated content?

The characteristics of user generated content generally focus on the concept of advertising that is done originally by consumers. By prioritizing this concept, it will make it easier for business actors to run their business.

Following are some of the characteristics of user generated content that often appear in the business world.

  • Content mentions brand and product names through captions
  • Content contains photo uploads of the product in question
  • Original product review content, reviews sometimes contain details or briefly. Sometimes it contains the benefits of a product. Complete reviews are usually uploaded on blogs or podcasts.
  • Content in the form of videos usually contains about the use of products by displaying real results as consumers want

Why is User Generated Content Important?

If it is associated with technological developments that are increasing day by day then of course it becomes important. In recent times, social media has become the most important weapon in doing anything. Here are some reasons user generated content is important in the business world

1. Determine Product Value

Good content will be able to provide high value in sales, and vice versa.

2. Determine purchasing decisions

Content is able to bring other consumers to buy or leave the product. For this reason, each content should receive its own appreciation from business actors so that in the end consumers continue to make their choice to buy the product in question.

3. Increase Product Trust

Content is an important advertising weapon in increasing consumer confidence in a product. Given that today's consumers have more trust in social media, this method should be taken into account.

Difference between UGC and Content Created by Brands

Content created by brands and UGC-based content is certainly different. Here are some aspects that differentiate the two:

1. Who made it

UGC is user- or customer-generated content, while brand-generated content is created by the companies themselves or the agencies they employ.

2. Purpose of creation

UGC is usually created because users want to share their experiences with a particular product or service. Content created by brands, on the other hand, is created for marketing or branding purposes, to promote a particular product or service.

3. Content ownership

UGC is owned by the user who created it, while content created by brands is owned by the company or agency that created it.

4. Form content

UGC can be images, videos, or reviews created by users. Content created by brands can be in the form of videos, images, reviews, articles, infographics and various other forms of content.

5. Authenticity of content

UGC is considered more authentic and honest because it is created by users who have no motive to promote a particular product or service. Content created by brands, on the other hand, tends to promote a particular product or service and can be considered less objective.

6. Manufacturing costs

UGC is usually created at no cost to the company, while brand-generated content costs money to produce.

What are the types of UGC content?

Types of UGC

Some types of UGC that we usually encounter are:

1. Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most common types of UGC, where users provide reviews or feedback about certain products they have used.

2. Visual Content

Visual content such as photos or videos can be shared by users to show how they use a particular product or provide a visual review of the product.

3. Text Content

UGC can also be text such as product reviews, articles, or user-generated blogs.

4. Social Content

UGC can also be content that users share on social media such as tweets, posts on Instagram or Facebook.

5. Forum Content

Online forums or communities can also be a source of UGC, where users can discuss, exchange information, or ask questions about certain topics.

6. Competition Content

This content is a type of UGC created by users to take part in competitions or contests held by companies.

8. Curate Content

Users can also create curated content, where they collect content related to a particular product or topic and share it with their community.

9. Educational Content

UGC can also take the form of educational content such as tutorials or product usage guides created by advanced users.

What are the benefits of UGC Content?

Implementing a User Generated Content-based strategy certainly provides many benefits to a brand. What advantages or benefits can be gained from implementing UGC?

1. Increase Trust

UGC tends to be more authentic and honest because it is created by users who have no motive to promote a particular product or service. Therefore, UGC can help increase customer trust in a particular brand or product.

2. Increase User Engagement

UGC can also increase customer engagement with a particular brand or product. By giving users the opportunity to participate and contribute to a brand or product, companies can build stronger communities and increase customer loyalty.

3. More Cost Effective

UGC is usually created at no cost to the company. By utilizing UGC, companies can save on content production costs and obtain authentic and honest content.

4. Increase Marketing Profits

UGC can increase a company's marketing impact. When customers share their positive experiences with a particular brand or product, it can help attract the attention of potential customers and increase brand awareness.

5. Improve SEO

UGC can also help improve a company's SEO. UGC content shared on social media platforms or online forums can help improve search engine rankings and increase a company's visibility.

6. Attract the Younger Generation

Millennials and beyond tend to place more importance on personal experiences and the beliefs of friends or family than on conventional advertising. Therefore, UGC can be an effective marketing tool to attract millennials.

How do I run UGC?

If you are managing a brand, maybe you can implement a UGC strategy. You can follow some of the following tips in running UGC, including:

1. Set Goals

Define your goals before starting the UGC campaign. Do you want to increase brand awareness, increase sales, or increase customer engagement?

2. Provide Incentives

Incentivize users to participate in UGC campaigns. These can be gifts, discounts or other prizes that can motivate users to participate.

3. Give a Hint

Provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions to ensure that user-generated content matches your UGC campaign goals.

4. Use Hashtags

Even though it looks trivial, hashtags can potentially increase awareness! Use hashtags for your UGC campaigns to make it easier for users to find and participate in UGC campaigns.

5. Choose the Right Platform

Choose the right platform for your UGC campaign. Do you want to use social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or online forum platforms?

6. Content Curation

The next thing you can do is curate content from users. Curate user-generated UGC content. Vote for the best content and reward users who have participated.

7. Give Credit

Give credit to users who have participated in the UGC campaign. This will help build stronger relationships with customers and show that the company values their contribution.

8. Use UGC Content Strategically

Use UGC content strategically in your marketing campaigns. Use UGC content to attract the attention of new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.


That's a complete explanation of what UGC is and its benefits. Hopefully after this you will understand more about UGC and start implementing it as a digital marketing strategy. So keep in mind, that User Generated Content (UGC) is content created by users or consumers who use certain products or services. This can include photos, videos, reviews, comments, and more. 

UGC is usually created and shared on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. In recent years, UGC has become increasingly popular among marketers and entrepreneurs because it can increase brand awareness, increase customer engagement and build customer trust. 

UGC can also provide valuable insight into customer preferences and assist companies in developing more effective marketing strategies. However, UGC can also have some risks and challenges, such as data security, content authenticity and copyright issues. 

Therefore, companies must ensure that they comply with applicable regulations and policies and have a robust verification process in place to ensure the legitimacy and integrity of the issued UGC.

Overall, UGC is an effective marketing tool and can help companies build customer engagement and strengthen their brand. However, keep in mind that UGC also requires proper management and companies must weigh the risks and rewards associated with their use.

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