Deep Linking: What they are and How It Impacts for SEO?

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Knowing what deep links are is important because this can be very beneficial for SEO or optimization that you will apply to the website itself. By applying the right method, you will definitely see for yourself how your website will be better than before. 

In this modern era, the technology behind the Web and HTTP is of course very closely related to what deep links themselves are. By having functional links, this will allow content creators to link their writing to other websites.

This is what is then called what a deep link is. Referring to the word deep, here we can see how this technology will allow us to build HTTP web technology and also URLs by default in it. In the end, there will be many benefits that can be obtained from it. In other cases, a site may try to limit the links they have on it. This will of course require extra effort because of course you have to activate a number of settings in it first in order to get this.

In SEO, a link or hyperlink is simply a link that leads to or opens another web page. The definition of a link is basically the same, but will be different when it comes to the words or phrases above, especially regarding the origin, direction, intent and purpose of the link. In this blog, we have discussed a little more about internal links, external links, link juice and also backlinks. This article is about the meaning and benefits of deep linking.

What is meant by deep link?

What are deep link?

Deep linking is one of the phrases that you will often encounter when studying SEO. So, what is the meaning or definition of deep linking? Deep linking is a verb phrase which means linking directly to a specific web page (internal page) on the website, not to the front page (home page). Judging from the side of your website, there is a close connection or relationship with internal links and backlinks.

In internal links, you create links that lead to specific, relevant web pages still on the same website. It is unlikely that you will create an internal link that leads to the home page. Likewise with backlinks. Generally, backlinks also point to specific web pages, not to the home page on your website. Such internal links and backlinks are examples of deep linking.

Deep links are URLs that direct users directly to an application, rather than a specific website. These deep links are generally used to maximize user experience, because users will be directly directed to a specific section in the application.

The development team (developers) can create deep links by specifying a special URL scheme, for example intent URL (Android) or universal URL (iOS). Not only that, deep links can also be arranged in such a way that they can direct users directly to certain event or campaign pages.

Why are Deep Links Important?

In general, these links can make the user experience more positive because users don't have to go through a lengthy manual navigation process. Additionally, deep links can also help you increase your chances of app installation.

For example, in e-commerce applications, deep links can be used to direct potential buyers directly to the product page they are interested in. In this way, you can increase the number of conversions (conversion rate) and the overall customer experience (customer journey).

What are the benefits of deep linking?

Deep linking directs visitors directly to the required information on a specific web page. If the link leads to the home page, visitors will have difficulty finding the information they need directly. They must search in the list of articles on the home page or use the navigation buttons to search in other article lists.

Initially, you may be confused by the term deep linking, but without realizing it, you have implemented deep linking more or less. Deep linking can improve user experience because it directs visitors to relevant information without having to search for it first through a menu or search box. Additionally, deep linking also has benefits regarding authority, relevance and visibility:

1. Spread authority evenly

What if you have internal links that mostly lead to the home page or you build backlinks and direct them to the home page on your website? The home page of your website will be over-optimized. Thus, the authority of the home page becomes really high while the rest of the web pages remain low or weak.

It's different if you do deep linking or direct links to many specific web pages, then the authority will be able to spread. Thus, strong authority is also possessed by other web pages. Search engines also see the website as a whole. If there are many web pages that have weak authority, then this will also reduce the home page authority ranking of your website.

2. Increase overall relevance

The home page of a website generally displays a list of new articles, related articles and also popular articles. In contrast to an article's web page, the home page does not focus on the targeted keywords. Therefore, if you create an internal link or backlink and direct it to the home page, it will become irrelevant. Generally, the link in the blog comment system is the home page.

It would be better when creating a new article and want to include internal links or when building backlinks, directing them to relevant web pages, not to the home page. If the anchor text is a keyword and is relevant to the web page, then search engines will crawl and index it. Google will consider it an authority and rank it high in SERPs.

3. Increase overall visibility

The problem that usually occurs on large websites or blogs is that there are many articles that have not been indexed. Web pages that have not been indexed will certainly not be included in search engine search results. You have the potential to lose visitors and have low conversion rates. Direct the crawler or spider to crawl and then index the page by deep linking.

Deep linking can be through internal links or backlinks. Crawlers or spiders from search engines will follow the link to get to the hidden web page and then index it. Indexing will give web pages visibility and have the opportunity to appear in search results (SERP).

4. Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the condition when visitors access your website but immediately leave without doing any activity. In this case, the presence of deep links will be very helpful. Because it directs users directly to the app page, they don't leave your website quickly.

This will basically be beneficial for both parties. Users can explore content, features, or products directly within the app, and site owners can reduce the overall bounce rate.

5. Maximize Domain Authority

The presence of this link can help you improve the integrity of the internal structure of a website. So, when search engines index a website, deep links can make it easier for bots to understand the content and increase domain authority and overall ranking.

6. Improve User Experience

With this link, every user who visits your website can be directly directed to the relevant application page. So, apart from providing fast access, this can also increase the number of visitor retention.

How to do deep linking?

How to do deep linking?

Next in our what are deep links guide is knowing how to implement these linking campaigns. What you have to do is ensure that the structure contained in the internal linking on the blog is of extraordinary status. 

You must also have posts that are relevant or related to each other. In this way, you will definitely get more results. The most important thing, of course, is to ensure that the newer content is linked to older content, and vice versa.

1. Good Structure of Website

By applying content content that is uniform and also linked between one place and another, this will be able to increase domain authority as a whole and will later be able to give you the power to get a better and maximum ranking on the related site in it. A thing that will definitely be the final and most important goal that you need and want, of course.

2. Be Careful With Potential SPAM

There are several other things about deep links that you should also pay close attention to, namely the potential for a lot of SPAM to appear. With so much SPAM available on the internet today, you will tend to buy backlinks from their sites with the aim of increasing rankings. If you are able to do it in a natural-looking way then it is less likely to be marked Spam by Google.

You also need to determine the target of your homepage to build the right links in it. By trying to rank well what deep links are, you will definitely be able to get more precise and better results in them. This will also bring you more of the benefits needed therein. You will also be able to achieve diversity in terms of maximizing the anchor text in it itself.

The large number of people who naturally link to your website will certainly be able to produce the right and best results on it. This is what will be able to give you better results than the content you write itself.

Therefore, it would be good if you were selective in creating the content that will be used because having interesting content will make people really able to link everything to your homepage or site. With the right and best content, you will definitely be able to achieve more results from it. If these links can be optimized properly, they can act as a signal of content relevance to Google.


In SEO, links or hyperlinks will always have an important role. Links can pass on or transfer SEO value (link juice or link equity) and help other web pages to get better rankings in SERPs. When studying SEO, you will come across several words or phrases that contain the word "link", for example links or hyperlinks, link equity or link juice, internal links, external links, backlinks and also deep linking.

Now Erzedka's friends understand what deep links are. It's time for you to apply it to the website you have. But also don't forget to make sure that there are several things you should consider in it. With proper implementation, you will definitely get even better results later. You will be able to see something that is right and best in it. This is something very special and useful for the website.

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