15+ Google Chrome Extensions For SEO & Digital Marketing

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Talking about content strategy on websites, it's not uncommon for the first thing that comes to mind is SEO. This is not wrong. SEO as a strategy for optimizing websites so that they appear in the top SERP positions is certainly able to make our content have more readers.

However, there is still a mindset where SEO is considered to only be able to help websites rank on top of Google. Even though in fact this is only a small part of the function of SEO, it does not cover everything.

If you dig deeper, it turns out that SEO services are also able to increase brand awareness, branding, user acquisition, and sales conversions. Therefore, learning SEO is certainly a must for business website owners.

But if Erzedka Friends has limited time so they don't have time to learn SEO, they can use Indonesian SEO services or the Google Chrome extension for SEO. So, specifically for the discussion in this article, we will only focus on the Google Chrome extension for SEO. Curious what extensions are recommended? Read more below, OK!

What Is a Google Chrome Extension?

15+ Google Chrome Extensions For SEO & Digital Marketing

An extension is a software module made by Google that allows you to use a web browser with many functions. Currently Google has a total of 137,435 extensions with various functions and benefits. While the Google Chrome extension specifically for SEO is estimated to be around > 100 extensions.

The way to install the extension is very easy. Erzedka Friends only need to visit chrome.google.com/webstore then enter the 'Extensions' tab to select the desired extension and press the 'Add to Chrome' button.

Google Chrome Extension Recommendations for SEO and Digital Marketing
Of the many SEO extensions currently available, Erzedka will recommend the best extension options to support SEO performance for your business website. Let's see!

1. Keyword Suffers

The main functions offered by Keyword Surfer are estimating traffic from a website domain, calculating search volume for keywords locally or globally, providing keyword recommendations, and calculating the number of domain backlinks. With the various features mentioned above, it's no wonder that Keyword Surfer is one of the most popular SEO extensions. 

Many websites use it because this extension is also equipped with keyword insights and backlink insights. However, one of the weaknesses of Keyword Surfer is that it is not available for free. Erzedka Friends must be willing to spend as little as $1 per month to enjoy Keyword Surfer's features.

2. SEOQuake

SEOQuake is one of the Google Chrome extensions that is available for free so that it can be used by anyone, even individuals or businesses. Well, what's interesting is that this one extension is made by one of the world's leading marketing platforms, namely SEMRush.

The features and services provided by SEOQuake are also very complete and detailed, starting from reports on keyword density, SEO audit analysis reports, to analysis of internal links.

Apart from that, SEOQuake is also equipped with a diagnostic feature that can show various SEO metrics on your website that still need to be optimized. Some of the SEO metrics that SEOQuake can diagnose are URLs, frames, flash, schema, titles, tags, meta descriptions, keywords, ALT, open graph, and headings.

3. GrowthBar

For Erzedka Friends who want to develop a website so they can generate rupiah coffers or have e-commerce, GrowthBar is one of the most appropriate Google Chrome extension choices for SEO. The features and services that Growth Bar can provide include keyword recommendations, monitoring keyword rankings compared to competitors, checking backlinks, and providing specific keyword recommendations for Google Ads Indonesia and Facebook Ads.

For GrowthBar subscription fees, you can try the trial version first for five days for free. If it feels right, then you can start a premium subscription with fees starting at $ 29 per month.

4. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is claimed to be the most popular Google Chrome extension for SEO by website owners in Indonesia. Comes with the principle of "Freemium", which is available in a free version to subscriptions at a cost that is still quite affordable.

15+ Google Chrome Extensions For SEO & Digital Marketing

The advantage of Keywords Everywhere is that it not only provides SEO optimization features for Google SERPs, but also keyword optimization for Youtube search, Instagram HashTags, Pinterest, to various other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Etsy, eBay, Bing, and Amazon.

For the free version of Keywords Everywhere, it includes keyword recommendation services on SERPs, trend charts, trending keywords, and backlinks. Apart from that, it also includes SERP metrics recommendations and widget insights on YouTube, to hashtag generators on Instagram, and popular keyword recommendations for Pinterest.

Meanwhile, the paid premium version of Keywords Everywhere provides additional features in the form of keyword comparison with competitors, CPC, monthly search volume for popular keywords, to the history of the most searched keyword timeline since 2004.

5. Free Backlink Checker by LRT

For Erzedka Friends who are looking for a Google Chrome extension specifically for optimizing website backlinks, Free Backlink Checker by LRT can be the top choice. This one extension can provide on-page SEO optimization services, from hyperlink analysis, monitoring backlink performance, to detecting when backlinks are not verified.

Not only that, another advantage of this extension is that it can export all links owned by a website to XLSX (Excel) or CSV documents.

6. Fat rank

Fatrank is the right choice of extension for website owners who want to reach the top position of Google search quickly and precisely. This extension will use local search settings on your Google so that the keyword ranking is based on the location of the Erzedka Friends website.

One of the advantages of Fatrank is that it provides features and services for free without requiring any fees. So it is very suitable for novice website owners who are still constrained in managing the budget.

7. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a Google Chrome extension for SEO that can help Erzedka Friends build backlinks to get a better SERP ranking. This one extension works by finding email contacts from developers or website owners who are in the same field as you to serve as backlinks.

Now, for the issue of cost, Erzedka Friends doesn't need to worry because Ninja Outreach is available completely free of charge without requiring any fees.

8. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

In essence, SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch is an SEO simulation extension to check whether the URL of your website is in the top 100 of Google. This is very important because if the backlink or website URL has a good SEO ranking, it will also increase brand value and user acquisition.

15+ Google Chrome Extensions For SEO & Digital Marketing

Apart from monitoring website URL rankings, SEO Search Simulator can also be used to see URL rankings from competitor websites.

9. SEO Minions

SEO Minion is a Google Chrome extension for on-page SEO optimization. The main use of SEO Minion is to check the links on your website whether they are broken or not. Apart from that, SEO Minions can also be used to translate content or articles into various other languages using "hreflang data". This is very useful if the Erzedka Friends website has target audiences from various countries and languages.

10. SERPtrends SEO Extension

If Erzedka Friends is focusing on optimizing a website so that it ranks at the top of the SERP, then SERPTrends SEO Extension can be the right choice. This Google Chrome extension functions to monitor SERP dynamics from Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

You can see a list of websites that are up and down in SERP rankings through SERPtrends for free. By knowing the ranking of competitors, it will be easier for you to determine the next strategy so you can be superior.

11. Ubersuggests

Ubersuggest is one of the most widely used Google Chrome extensions by digital businesses. Ubersuggest is equipped with several main features such as keyword analyzer (covers keyword search volume), competitive analysis (shows comparison of keywords with competitor websites), and SEO explorer (provides information about the website's SEO performance).

Ubersuggest is available only in the paid version. The costs that Erzedka Friends need to pay if they want to subscribe to Ubersuggest range from $12 per month (for individual needs), $20 per month (business needs), up to $40 (for large companies or agencies).

12. Similarweb

Surely many of the Erzedka Friends have heard of Similarweb. With more than 800 thousand users, Similarweb has been named the most influential and widely used Google Chrome extension. Even the IDA (Indonesia Digital Association) has officially selected Similarweb as the best audience measurement tool in March 2021.

This has been able to prove the popularity of this one extension. Through Similarweb, you will be able to monitor category rank, country rank, to global rank from the website. Another advantage of Similarweb is that it has a user interface that is very user-friendly and easy to understand.

13. MozBar

MozBar is one of the most multitalented Google Chrome extensions. It has various advantages, namely conducting technical SEO analysis, providing on-site content recommendations, monitoring backlinks, providing keyword recommendations and comparisons with competitors, to increasing social media engagement.

15+ Google Chrome Extensions For SEO & Digital Marketing

But of course the completeness of features is always linear with a fairly high cost. If Erzedka Friends wants to enjoy the complete features of MozBar, then you have to be prepared to spend quite a bit, which is $ 179 per month.

14. Google Lighthouse

So, if previously we focused on discussing various extensions from global developers, this time we will present an SEO extension made by Google itself, namely Google Lighthouse.

Google Lighthouse was created specifically to assist web developers in overcoming problems with Page Experience. Apart from presenting information and recommendations regarding website SEO, Google Lighthouse is also equipped with features to present accessibility and progressive web apps (PWA) reports.

15. Pagespeed Insights

In essence, Pagespeed Insights serves to present reports on website performance (from page speed, SEO, to backlinks). Pagespeed Insights can be accessed via mobile and desktop.

Pagespeed Insight focuses more on analyzing website speed levels by giving a scale of 0 to 10. It is known that websites that load fast will affect rankings in SERP. Because of course visitors will be more comfortable accessing the website at high speed.

16. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a Google Chrome extension that is perfect for content marketing needs. Various keywords and topics that are trending and widely discussed will be easily observed through Buzzsumo.

Some of the selected features from Buzzsumo are being able to find out the type of content with the most "shares", conducting in-depth analysis of content performance, recommending trending keywords, and mapping influencers who are most suitable for the content to be published. 

Not only that, Buzzsumo is also an expert in analyzing competitors. Very complete and interesting, right?

Which Chrome Extension is best for SEO?

Through this article, Erzedka Friends has understood, starting from what the Google Chrome extension is, the benefits of SEO for websites, to recommendations for several Google Chrome extensions for the best SEO.

For Erzedka Friends who want to try the full SEO extension for free, they can choose SEOQuake, Free Backlink Checker by LRT, Ninja Outreach, Fatrank, and SERPTrends SEO Extension.

But if Erzedka Friends needs a professional SEO extension with full features, then Ubersuggest, Similarweb, SEOQuake, Keyword Everywhere, and MozBar are recommended. As for recommendations for Google Chrome extensions that focus more on handling backlinks, Erzedka Friends can try Free Backlink Checker by LRT and Ninja Outreach.

Finally, if what is your focus is increasing website speed, then Google Lighthouse and Pagespeed Insight are the best Google Chrome extension choices. Well, that's enough discussion this time regarding Google Chrome extension recommendations for SEO. Hopefully this will be useful for Erzedka Friends, OK!

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