Standard Printer Modified Infusion Is Good? This is the Explanation!

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Printers are printing equipment that is currently widely used for various needs, with various models and different types of printers. Currently the printer has a lot of technology updates so that ease of use, feature efficiency, and convenience of printer users are prioritized.

Currently, according to, there are 2 things that are still important in the benchmark for the use of a printer, namely for the type/model of capacity, how to print and its advantages. And on this occasion we will discuss about how the printer's capacity to print,
Focusing on inkjet printers at this time there are also two kinds of printing methods, namely relying on the ink capacity in the cartridge only or relying on CISS technology which distributes ink from the tank to the printer's printing. . 

One solution that can be done is the Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) or what is often called the use of infusion. several sources:

However, is the standard infusion modified printer good and safe? This system actually has advantages and disadvantages. This alternative can provide advantages because it is practical, easy and economical in use. 

CISS will not bother users to remove the cartridge when the ink runs out. The price of infusion ink is also cheaper than the original manufacturer's ink, but the print quality is also different.

In addition, using this infusion method is very easy to refill when the ink is running out, and not with the injection method which is at risk of spilling or contaminating other items. Well, if you are interested in using this method, it's good to consider some of the aspects below.

Standard Printer Modified Infusion Is Good?

Standard Printer Modified Infusion Is Good? This is the Explanation!

Actually, for every type of printer model that is sold in the market without being provided with an additional ink tank, you must maximize its printing using cartridges as the printing process, but because of the high price of ink and sometimes limited printing capacity, users prefer to eliminate the warranty and maximize printing by adding personal infusions.

Is that good ? depending on what you look at in terms of printing needs or the durability of the printer. This is great for your printing needs! When making a standard printer into an infus your cartridge will be perforated and fitted with a hose so that the ink from the tube can flow into it! so that the ink filling process continues.

This means that here you will only use the same cartridge continuously, whereas if you do not do an infusion you will continue to replace the cartridge with a new cartridge when the ink in it runs out. But it's better if you look at the durability of the printer, a new cartridge means new stuff (not dirty, smooth ink distribution) and of course the ink in this cartridge is original from the manufacturer which is adapted to the printer.

So the conclusion is:

Using the CISS method is safe and cheap compared to original ink, especially with high print quantities. The cartridge itself will last longer due to its use which is supplied with ink. Each ink tank tube has a capacity of 100 ml, including a large one where you don't have to change cartridges repeatedly. The infusion tube is also transparent enough so that it is easy to see for refilling when the ink runs out.

On the other hand, the standard method of replacing with a new cartridge will cost a lot more but there will be quality prints, and the printer unit will last longer because it uses new equipment all the time.

Disadvantages of Modified Infusion Printer

Disadvantages of Modified Infusion Printer

  1. Although it has many advantages, infusion modifications on the printer also have disadvantages that you should be aware of. The first thing is, don't be careless using the infusion because it will cause damage, especially in the purchase period of less than a year. Automatically, with the addition of an infusion, the manufacturer's warranty will no longer apply (this applies to all printer brands).
  2. Extra care is needed to avoid this risk, for example the ink that does not come out due to the wind entering the hose, or the print head is clogged because the ink that is supposed to be flowing is actually silent and hardens due to long periods of disuse.
  3. Another weakness of the infusion modification is that the printer quality will quickly degrade, or be easily damaged. Although cartridges tend to last, printers that are used continuously at high volumes will actually have a bad impact. If possible, allow the printer to pause every time there is a need to print in large capacities.
  4. In addition, be careful moving the printer with modified infusion because it will be more vulnerable. When moved, the ink will flow into the cartridge and may expand. Make sure with a professional installation in order to anticipate other problems.

Infusion modifications are in fact suitable for users who require large quantities of printing, of course with the above considerations in mind. However, your friendliness only prints dozens of sheets every day or not every day is better not.

Printer Infusion Maintenance

If you decide to use CISS, special printer maintenance as below.
  1. Place the printer in a place that is rarely visited or away from other objects that tend to be dense.
  2. This is to avoid small or large collisions.
  3. Do not move the printer frequently,-and.
  4. Routinely check the way the infusion tube and hose, especially when moved.
  5. If the infusion tube is filled with air and can't flow, fix it software.

Currently, many manufacturers' printer products are available that are equipped with the CISS printing method or what is often called this infusion printer and this type of printer can be your alternative choice.

For the price of a printer with an ink tank, it also varies depending on the brand and printer facilities. With superior concept and design studies and inspections, you can determine whether the printer standard is ready to use or not. Also check the full guarantee provided, so that the printer benefits are more optimal.

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