The Benefits of Facebook Ads & Why You Need Them

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Running a business requires you to do marketing. Currently, many businesses are choosing digital marketing, including Facebook Ads. Already know what are the advantages of using Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is indeed not the only marketing and promotion option for products or services. However, the benefits that can be obtained are the reason behind a business or company's decision to use Facebook as a marketing medium. If you are interested, it would be better to know what are the advantages of using Facebook Ads.

Some of you may not know what Facebook Ads are. Understanding the definition and how Facebook Ads work is one of the processes that business people are interested in in today's digital marketing strategies. Facebook Ads provide businesses with the opportunity to display precisely targeted ads to relevant audiences.

Facebook itself is a popular social media that has been around since 2004. Initially, Facebook was a platform for making friends and exchanging information. However, as time went by, Facebook began to develop other features and services, including services to expand the reach of business promotions.

What are Facebook ads?

What are Facebook ads

As the name implies, Facebook Ads is a paid advertising service owned by Facebook. You can choose these advertising services to advertise products or services using Facebook as the medium.

When choosing Facebook Ads, you must ensure that the audience you are targeting is indeed an active user of this social media. That way, the ads you post will be right on target and can provide returns according to estimates and expectations.

You can target an audience based on several things such as age, occupation, gender, education, location, interests, habits, and so on.

Simply, Facebook Ads is a service developed by Facebook to place paid advertisements. This service, also known as Meta Ads, allows you to place advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Both are social media under the auspices of Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook, Inc.).

Facebook Ads advertising materials can be in the form of photo carousels, single images and videos. You can find these advertisements very easily because they are usually placed in Instagram Stories, timeline feeds and sidebars.

How do Facebook ads work?

The many benefits you can get from Facebook Ads make this service an effective promotional tool. So, how does it work? Check out the following stages of how Facebook Ads work.

1. Log in to Facebook Ads and Create Your Promotion Profile

The first step you have to do is open the Facebook Ads Manager service. Then, look for the “create” button which is usually in the left corner of the page.

2. Choose your Promotion Objective

The second step after you press the "create" button is to determine the objective (goal) of the campaign that you will run. There are at least 11 objectives that you can choose from.

Some of the objective options given include: brand awareness, reach, website traffic, engagement, conversions, store traffic, and so on.

One example is, if the advertisement you create aims to increase awareness, then what you choose is Awareness with the Brand Awareness selection point.

3. Selecting an Audience

The third step is audience selection which can determine the success of how Facebook Ads work. You can use the audience definition gauge feature, to help determine potential audiences.

There are several measurements that you can determine, such as: where you live, age, gender, language, status, education, employment, financial condition, interests, and so on.

4. Determine the budget

The fourth step is to determine the cost of the advertisement that you will display. There are two ways you can do it, namely the daily budget and the lifetime budget.

The daily budget is the costs you have to pay per day. Meanwhile, the lifetime budget is the costs you incur according to the broadcast time you have set.

5. Create Ads

The final step after you determine your objectives, choose your audience and budget is to create ads. Generally there are two types of Ads that you can use: Link and Carousel.

Both types have their own terms and conditions. For example, a link only displays one ad image. Meanwhile, your carousel can display up to 10 images in one ad.

So the way Facebook Ads work is by displaying ads in a format that you have adjusted through the steps above. Later, your ad will appear when the audience is scrolling down or from the sidebar of their own Facebook page.

What are the advantages of Facebook ads?

What are the advantages of Facebook ads

Do you know why Facebook Ads has finally become the right choice for your business digital marketing needs? If you are still not sure about advertising on Facebook, don't rush into choosing Facebook Ads services.

Now, you can start collecting as much information as possible about advertising on the Facebook social media platform. So, you will find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook advertising. Here are some of the advantages of using Facebook Ads which are often used as the reason why many businesses or companies choose this advertising service.

1. Reaching a Wider Audience

It is undeniable that Facebook offers advertisers one of the largest user bases. According to statistics, as of July 2020, Facebook has more than 2.6 million users worldwide. Whoever your business targets, you can try to find the profile of the audience you want on Facebook.

Thus, it will be easier to reach a wider audience. This is certainly very good for businesses because they have a much greater opportunity to find potential customers.

2. Offers Flexible Call to Action

If you are still wondering what are the advantages of using Facebook Ads, you will realize it after starting the ad. Advertising on Facebook means you can use calls to action that are flexible or according to your needs and desires. As we know, CTAs can help increase conversion rates.

3. Can Target Audience Based on Specific Categories

In order for the ad to give maximum results, it is very important to create a target market before running the ad. This also applies to those of you who want to use Facebook advertising services.

When choosing Facebook as a promotional and advertising medium, users have the opportunity to target audiences with various categories ranging from gender, age to interests. With detailed categories, you can ensure that the ads will be right on target.

Apart from Facebook Ads, do you use other marketing strategies, for example content marketing? If so, you can find out the success rate of marketing carried out using digital marketing metrics.

4. Delivers Fast Results

Another advantage of using Facebook Ads is the possibility to get results very quickly. This one ad is an ideal choice for brands that want to carry out short-term or long-term digital marketing strategies. Facebook Ads is able to provide conversions after you serve the ad. These ads will start showing your product or brand to thousands of potential users very quickly.

That way, Facebook users or the target audience will see the ad and may be interested in making a purchase or taking other action. According to research released by Wordstream, the average Facebook Ads conversion rate is around 9.21%.

Then how can you find out the results of the ads being run? You can see insights about ad performance in the ad manager (Ads manager). The data shown includes the number of people who viewed and clicked on the ad and the amount you spent on the ad.

To be able to enjoy the various benefits of advertising on Facebook, you have to set up a campaign in the Ads manager and wait for Facebook to review the ad campaign that you created. Usually, ads will be approved within 24 hours. This means that your business will immediately get sales in the following days.

5. Providing Effective Remarketing Tools

Facebook has grown into a powerful marketing machine. Through this social media platform, every type and size can expand its reach so that it has a greater opportunity to reach potential buyers. To reach visitors who have seen the products or services you offer, remarketing via Facebook can be the right choice.

Remarketing helps show products back to them at a later date. Already know what remarketing is and what is the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

You can provide attractive offers such as price discounts which can increase the chance of converting visitors into leads. If you don't know what leads are and why every business that does digital marketing needs them, start from this article.

6. Enabling Business to Get More Likes on Facebook Pages

Facebook Ads does come with so many advantages. You have the opportunity to get more likes from Facebook users who visit the created page. When someone likes your Facebook page, they can see your organic Facebook posts in their feed.

Like on every Facebook post for both engagement and reach, you also need it as the foundation of your Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook Ads will help get more likes through like campaigns. These ads link to the page you created and the available call to action or CTA ads.

CTA buttons allow you to give potential customers instructions on what you want them to do, whether it's making a purchase, using an app, watching videos, and so on.

7. Provide Audience Transparency

Facebook audience reach is very transparent. Based on the audience targeting that you can choose yourself, you have a high degree of control and transparency over the audience that you target. That way, you can find out several things about your audience, such as:

  • Fans: your Facebook followers
  • Friends of fans: Users who are friends of your followers
  • Behavior or interests: Users who meet the criteria you set
  • Remarketing: Users who have previously visited your website

On Facebook, you can also see which segments are performing the best. As a result, you can draw conclusions with the opportunity to continue testing and perfecting the marketing strategy used.

8. Facebook Ads Can Be Cheaper Than PPC Ads

You may already be familiar with the term PPC or pay per click. If you have ever used PPC as a digital marketing strategy, how much did you spend on this need?

In advertising through Facebook, there are several things that affect advertising costs including the type of campaign you are running, who you are targeting, and the ad placement itself. However, each click on Facebook Ads can be cheaper per click than Google Ads. This is another advantage that you can get when using Facebook Ads.

9. Filters That Block Audiences You Don't Want

Not all Facebook users are the right audience. If you want to limit the appearance of ads to some users, you can take advantage of filters that will block unwanted audiences. This is one of the advantages of using Facebook Ads that you need to know.

You can set up block lists on ad campaigns so that ads don't show on URLs where you don't want them to appear. This means you can set ads not to appear on certain apps, videos, and pages. By using these filters, ads will be more efficient and increase ROAS or Return on Ad Spend.

10. Get Traffic from Active Facebook Users

With so many advantages of using Facebook Ads, you can be sure that this ad will be an effective way to get traffic from active Facebook users. Facebook is becoming one of the biggest social media and is able to change the way businesses advertise their products or services.

Ads on Facebook are likely to be seen by the most users and are able to reach various demographics. This is made even more possible by the latest Instagram update which focuses on the shop tab on Instagram. The combination of the two platforms allows your brand to be seen by more and more users.

11. Increase Brand Awareness

Branding is an unforgettable part of a business. When you want to increase business brand awareness, you can take advantage of Facebook Ads. Why is that?

As one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook has many active users spread all over the world. This is a great opportunity for businesses to be known and recognized by many people, especially the target audience you specify.

With branding success on Facebook, you can achieve other business goals more easily. It is not impossible that Facebook users, especially from Indonesia, will buy products after knowing the existence of your brand that can meet their needs or what they are looking for.

12. Get Unlimited Benefits

The goal of running a business is to reach a wide market and get as much profit as possible. Facebook Ads can help you realize these business goals because ads will be seen by various groups.

Broad reach allows you to get more profit through purchases made by Facebook users. To be able to benefit from using this Facebook Ad, you have to make the ad as attractive as possible. So, you can start learning copywriting now so you know how to influence your target audience to buy your product through the ads they watch on Facebook.

Why you should advertise on Facebook?

Why you should advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads are of great interest to business people who carry out digital marketing strategies. This is not without reason because Facebook Ads have several advantages that are quite profitable for business people. Here's the explanation:

1. Wide reach

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with 1.98 billion users in January 2023 (report from We Are Social). With such large numbers, advertising on Facebook allows you to reach a very wide audience in various regions.

2. Targeting is right

Facebook provides a variety of sophisticated targeting options and allows businesses to target audiences based on demographics, interests and user behavior. This allows your ads to reach the people most potentially interested in the products or services you offer.

3. Accommodate various marketing objectives

Facebook Ads allow you to place advertisements based on your marketing goals, for example getting leads and increasing the number of website visitors. In other words, Facebook Ads are very effective in supporting the funneling process in your digital marketing strategy.

4. Cost flexibility

The question that often arises before placing an ad on Facebook Ads is how much does Facebook Ads cost. Facebook offers various advertising cost options that range from $50 to $50,000 per week.

5. Support for all types of businesses

All types of businesses, from small, medium or large, can place advertisements on Facebook to promote their products or services. This platform offers opportunities for all types of businesses to grow and increase their brand awareness.


Facebook Ads are now widely used by business people to complement digital marketing strategies that they have already implemented. With the various advantages of using Facebook Ads, it's only natural that more and more business people are interested in using this one advertising service.

With its various advantages, you can consider Facebook Ads to run your ads campaign. Understanding what Facebook Ads are is important before you place ads. This will help you place effective advertisements, both in terms of advertising materials and budget.

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