The Difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

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Digital marketing and internet marketing are almost similar in the world of marketing, but there are some differences that set them apart that we need to know.

Talking about marketing, you must be familiar with Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing, but what exactly is Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing, what is the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing and what are some examples of Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

The difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

Before knowing the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing, we need to know more about Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing. Digital Marketing is no longer a stranger to most people nowadays, Digital Marketing has become quite a trending thing nowadays. But what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a marketing effort carried out with digital media or the internet. Digital Marketing does not only focus on marketing that can be accessed on the internet, in its implementation Digital Marketing can also be done through digital platforms such as billboards and television.

There are many examples of Digital Marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and others.

Digital Marketing does not only do marketing via the internet, but can also be done offline, such as television advertisements and electronic billboards, these two things are also included in Digital Marketing because they are made using digital devices.

Meanwhile, Internet Marketing can be said to be a part of Digital Marketing, internet marketing or what is also commonly called online marketing is a marketing strategy using the internet.

What is the difference between digital marketer and online marketer?

Unlike Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing can only be done via the internet, for example, SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing. As for Digital Marketing, it can still be done without the internet, such as advertisements on television and electronic billboards.

In conclusion, these two things, Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing, do look similar and even internet marketing can be said to be part of digital marketing. However, these two things have differences, Digital Marketing has a broad scope in its implementation, while Internet Marketing is narrower than Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing can still be implemented even without the internet because it focuses on its use, namely digital such as electronic billboards, while Internet Marketing requires the internet to implement it. 

Even so, it is undeniable that digital does play an important role in every aspect of life today, therefore we need to hone skills to prepare ourselves for this all-digital world. Simply, let's describe one by one..!!

1. Digital Marketing

In recent years, the term digital marketing has been widely used by marketers around the world. Actually, what is digital marketing? Reporting from HubSpot, digital marketing is all marketing efforts that use electronic devices or the internet.

In other words, all marketing techniques that are carried out using digital devices are part of digital marketing. The first difference between digital marketing and internet marketing is in terms of the form of marketing.

Several forms of marketing that are included in digital marketing include content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), electronic billboards, to television advertisements.

From these various forms of marketing, you can see that digital marketing is a broad term. Digital marketing is not limited to marketing through internet media, but also digital platforms such as television.

2. Internet Marketing

Before the term digital marketing was as popular as it is today, marketers used the term internet marketing more. What is internet marketing?

According to MTarget, internet marketing is a marketing effort whose target is internet users. Internet marketing is often also referred to as online marketing. Internet marketing includes all forms of marketing related to the internet. So, to run internet marketing, you must be connected to the internet.

This is where the difference between digital marketing and internet marketing. Internet marketing has a relatively narrower scope than digital marketing. In fact, you can conclude that internet marketing is part of digital marketing.

If digital marketing includes television advertisements, electronic billboards, and short message services (SMS), not with internet marketing. Internet marketing does not cover these three things because it is not connected directly to an internet connection.

Internet Marketing vs Digital Marketing, Which Better?

Internet Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Judging from the previous explanation, several points can be drawn about the differences between internet and digital marketing, namely:

Internet marketing:

  • Requires internet connection.
  • The reach to consumers is narrower.
  • The media used is more limited.
  • Focusing only on promoting a product or brand.

Digital marketing:

  • Does not always require an internet connection.
  • Wider consumer reach.
  • Have a more diverse marketing media.
  • The focus is not only on promoting a product or brand, but also on building customer relations and brand awareness.

What are benefits of Internet and Digital Marketing?

Because business competition is getting tougher and innovation continues to grow, business owners should optimize existing technology. Marketing carried out via the internet and digital has been proven to be able to help increase sales and revenue compared to only using offline methods.

Here are some of the benefits of internet marketing and digital marketing that you will get:

  • Facilitate consumers in shopping. The use of internet and digital media will make it easy for consumers to find information about products or services without being limited by time and distance. Customers don't have to bother visiting offline stores or coming during shop operating hours. They only need to use a laptop or device from anywhere to visit social media accounts, websites or other sales media whenever they want for 24 hours. Shopping transactions become more practical and fast.
  • Help increase sales. When customers can easily access your store, sales will automatically increase as well. So your income can come from various media, not only from offline stores. Customers can also come from anywhere, even from abroad.
  • Save on marketing costs. If you are a small-scale business owner but want optimal marketing, then these two marketing techniques are the answer. You just need to create an account on e-commerce or social media for free.

If you create a website for an online store and place ads on Google ads, Facebook ads, or partner with influencers, you won't need large marketing costs. Just compare it to advertising in print media, spreading flyers, or putting up billboards. 

In addition, online marketing has a longer shelf life, so that the chances of consumers finding out about it are even greater.

  • Facilitate interaction with consumers. Internet marketing and digital marketing can expand your marketing reach globally. This allows you to more easily communicate with consumers and establish closer relationships and turn them into loyal customers of your business.

Internet and digital not only help customers to order products, but also serve them without any time constraints. This means you can build a good relationship with your customers and they will be happy to shop at your store. The faster the response you give, the more satisfied they will be with the service and will not hesitate to shop again.

You can apply internet marketing using Facebook Ads. Immediately improve your business performance with the help of Facebook Ads that are integrated with your WhatsApp business.


From the explanation above, you can conclude that the two forms of marketing have a lot in common. So, it's not surprising that some people equate the two. However, you can see a slight difference between digital marketing and internet marketing from the use of the word 'internet'.

Internet marketing is marketing efforts carried out using the internet. Meanwhile, digital marketing is not required to use the internet. All marketing efforts that use digital technology can already be included in digital marketing.

In conclusion, internet marketing is part of digital marketing. However, not everything that is referred to as digital marketing is part of internet marketing. Digital marketing has a wider scope so that it can be called an umbrella for internet marketing.

This is an explanation of the difference between digital marketing and internet marketing. In conclusion, there is no significant difference between the two. Precisely internet marketing can be regarded as part of digital marketing.

Then which one is more effective? It all depends on the business model and marketing goals you want to achieve. You can choose the form of marketing that suits your goals. Apart from digital marketing and internet marketing, there are many terms and other forms of marketing, you know!

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